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Hire Full-Stack Developer

Addon Solutions is leading full-stack development company from India and USA. We are providing dedicated full-stack developers for mobile and web application projects development since 2008

    What is Full-Stack Developer

    A full stack developer is someone like a jack of all who knows front-end, back-end, middleware servers, databases, APIs, MVC. A full-stack developer can make a complete application on his own. He is instrumental in companies with small budgets he can do many things on his own. And even big-budget companies value them a lot because they help them to reduce the cost and earn more profit. As developing an app, the full stack developer knows both the ends, so if a problem occurs while testing, they will know better from which side it will take less time solving it. As they understand the whole inside and outside of the application and all of the information about the project, they turn up to be managers and team leaders much faster and efficient than others. By reading this, we can say in laymen words that a full stack developer is someone which can build deploy, and maintain an application on his own.

    Advantages of full stack developer

    One of the most significant benefits is that it saves money. Instead of hiring two persons for back-end and front-end we can hire one person for both. We will have someone who has full knowledge of the project. When people who are experts and become project managers, they are very efficient as they will know on which side what is going A full-stack developer will be able to make the prototype of the entire app very quickly. Persons like them have their ideas so they can become an entrepreneur very quickly and easily. They can also help everybody on the team. They can be used flexibly in organizations on both ends on which side it is more load of work or if any person resigns abruptly.


    The disadvantage of full stack developer may be that he is a jack of all and master of none.

Full Stack Developers Skills List

If a computer engineer wants to become a complete developer, then he must have some basic knowledge such as few front-end languages, knowledge of database and server. We have full-stack developers team with different domain in programming languages. Have a look one of the team members skills list.

  • Front-end Programming languages and technologies: Nowadays front-end is also very important. Nowadays, the application does not mean good services; it must also have good user experience and easy to navigate and easy to used by the end-users.
  • HTML and CSS: A web designer must know these two languages. These are the building blocks for any applications of web design. They are most commonly used to make Registration pages, Logins, and to give style to your application.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is a unique language. It could use in front-end and back-end both.
  • Other languages for front-end: These are just a few languages that could use in front end there are many other languages also such as JQuery, LESS, SASS, AngularJS, or REACT. Another similar to HTML in the front end is XML. The difference between HTML and XML is that in HTML there are only predefined tags and in XML we can use user-defined tags.
  • Middle-Ware Languages: MiddleWare is nothing, but it is computer software that provides services to software applications. It described as the software glue. Middle-ware is something that makes it easier for the software developer to implement communications and input and output. Some of the Languages for middle-ware are PHP, Python, Ruby.
  • PHP: PHP is a majorly-used open source scripting language that is especially suited for web development and embedded into HTML.
  • Java: Java is another essential language as it is object-oriented. It is also a necessary language as it can also be used in the front end and much more efficiently. HTML, CSS, JavaScript can be embedded in Java with the help of JSP tags. With the support of Java, we can also connect the front page with the database.
  • Python: It can be used on a server to create web applications; it can also be used to develop workflows. With the help of python, we will be able to connect to the database system; Python can also read and update files, manage big data and perform complex mathematics.
  • Ruby: Ruby is a dynamic, interpreted, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language.
  • Back-end languages and technologies: Mainly in the back-end, there is a database where all the data of the application store. And if you are a programmer, you should know one or two technologies of the database. For example MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, SQL Server and so on.
  • MySql: MySQL is an open source relational database management system.
  • MongoDB: MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database program.
  • Oracle: Oracle Database is a multi-mode database management system.
  • Cloud and Big Data: Nowadays cloud and Big Data has taken our market in a big way so the computer engineers trying to catch everything. Companies like IBM, Amazon, and cloud provide the most famous Clouds. And for the big data most common name is Hadoop.
  • Product managers: If an organization needs a product manager, then it is best to hire a stack developer because he would have the best knowledge of the product. As he would be able o handle front-end, middle-ware, back-end.
  • Reduce cost: Hiring a full stack programmer reduces cost instead of hiring two people we can employ only one person.
  • Team building: He may help the whole team to sync as he would know what is going in the back-end and front-end.


It’s a fundamental question not only to hire for fullstack programmers but also to hire anyone you must know the kind of person you want to hire. Here is some basic knowledge.

Team Player

Some player likes to work alone, but for the better development of the organizations, you must make sure that you hire candidates that are team player.


The person who becomes full-fledged full-stack experts are all almost having years of experience in coding because it takes years to get expert in front-end, back-end, and middleware


He must be expert in at least in 9 languages 3 of front-end and 3 of the back-end and three of the back end and three middle-ware and the languages must apply before your organizations.

Able to handle new technologies

As we already know in computer science technologies changes rapidly so he must not rattle by new technologies, he must be eager to learn and new things even if a new language introduced.

Work efficiency

He should give 100% to the organizations in he is working.

Communication skills

He must have excellent communication skills because at times you may send him to contact clients, so it is a basic need.

Should be comfortable in the various platform

The full stack developer must be suitable in almost every platform such as Android, iOS, Windows, Opensource, etc.


The guys who are working in projects must be entirely accountable also as they become project managers very early if they are irresponsible it will affect the project they should lead the team as a leader and must be very interactive with all of the team and ready to help everyone.

Why do you need to hire a freelance full-stack developer?

You need to hire a person from full-stack development Company with the following reasons, 1) To save cost and time, 2) Multiple Skills, 3) Multiple Server Deployment Skills, 4) Front-End and Back-End Knowledge and many more.

Why you should choose our team?

Addon solution is a 10-year-old full-stack software development Company which provides you any domain complete team. We provide 24/7 support to our clients and try to meet there requirements to best.

Emergency Support without extra cost

We will also provide you with Emergency support without any charge.

Global clients

We situated in Ahmadabad Gujarat, India and United States, But we handle global clients. So not to worry our coders will be able to handle anything.

Enthusiastic Team

We choose people who love there their job. But not those who do there work as a burden.

Agile Model

We use an agile development model in our company. What it does is in it the person working will have to report daily of his work, direct contact with the client and he will also tell the client if a given task is complete. What it does is if the client wants to make an inevitable change then he will be able to do it..

Dedicated Resources On-Demand

Dedicated Resources means that a business owner now instead of hiring people permanently what they do is they hire a dedicated remote team to make an app and pay them reasonably. A business owner is getting more interested in dedicated resources because it enables them to create a relationship with another people and also if a company need a team for just building an app then it that condition it is beneficial they can concentrate on there natural business and pay people for there app.

How to Hire a Full-stack Developers

1.Choose Resume 2. Do Technical Assessment 3. Take Interview 4. Onboarding Process

Select Resume

In Resume, the vital thing to notice is the projects he has worked on and technical skills he posses. It is essential to see that the projects he has worked on have more emphasis on which end front-end, back-end or middleware. The technologies and the programming languages that he is working on is before your organizations. Some organizations also notice on the work experiences. But still resume is not everything it just the first impression. And even his work experience.

Technical assessment

In the technical evaluation, there should be a practical test, and for it, there should be a real-life example. And it should be in a given in a particular amount of time. Instead of looking at the solution to the problem we prefer the way in which the question performed. And due to the time constraint, we will be able to see his time management skills.

Schedule Interview

While taking, it, you must see how in-depth knowledge of each language and technologies. Whether he can handle pressure or not. And he can work in a team or not. Or he can handle uncertainty. We also ensure that the developer we are hiring how confident and energetic he is.

Onboarding Process

Once team shortlisted and selected for mobile or web development projects. Start the onboarding process and allocate all development documents and scope of work details. Define each team members roles for the project execution and provide milestone schedule dates so everyone on the same page.

Why? And How it works?

Nowadays in companies when there is so much competition everyone is trying to juggernaut each other full-stack developers makes a lot of difference. They do not only reduce the workforce but also act as a bridge between the front-end, back-end, and the middleware. If while testing any problem occur he will be instrumental as he would know to go from which direction problem will be solved faster. And if some changes order a through the client, he can look at it more efficiently. During the updates of the app, he will be quiet important for example if we are changing the front-end he will know what changes will come in the database. If the customers are increasing rapidly and we need to update our database, then he will know it first. We will provide you the best and complete team at a very reasonable cost, and he may work from your place or remote place its entirely your choice. And we will give you the one who works according to the technologies of your company. You will have to pay us not monthly but according to the project, but if you will like to hire the developer regularly for your daily work. You can also pay monthly you will not have to pay the developer or developers you will be paying us directly.