How Do We DEVELOP World Class Apps?

Addon Solutions develops world-class web, cloud and mobile apps aligned to client needs but with a vision. The company is focused on elevating the apps to the centre stage of attention, with the attachment to design, the impeccably seamless flow of the app and the robust coding standards that were upheld by the team.

Have an app idea?

Few things you should know first


Do you have an app idea that can be the future? Do you need an idea to create a smart mobility revolution? We can develop an idea and work around it, resolving a biting problem in the process. Our strategy revolves around the smooth initiation, development and implementation of our solutions on a committed turnaround time that will provide your business, the much required fillip to grow larger and stronger.

Your idea is 100% safe with us – we start off every project with the signing of the NDA.

Consistent Communication

We believe in transparent discussions and we explore options if we are a good fit for each other. We also encourage our clients to look into our product potential, product strategy, and growth any day, while communicating consistently with the clients. We even let you know beforehand if there is any additional effort or costs associated with the project and do not impose our opinions on your business.

We like to be on chats and strive to remain connected always. Partnering with us implies that you can depend on us to address your queries immediately.

Professionals and Perfectionists

Our team of engineers, developers and IT professionals are hell-bent on getting our tasks straight since that’s what we do. Our flexible mode of business engagement has helped us to remain consistently professional at all times of day. We never compromise, period.

Pricing Models

Our pricing depends on app ideas and the budget allocated to us. No, that’s not it! Irrespective of what you want, we also have a flexible pricing model and we are ready to offer you services with any business model too. And yes, we do have a affordable pricing set.

Complete Control

After a complete understanding of the requirement and after confirming the mutual pricing model, we give complete control of the project to you. Our deliverables will be developed with utmost transparency and consistent reporting. Since we do not outsource the work further to others, you have complete control over the routine operations.

Partners in Progress

With a team of brilliant designers, developers and domain specialists, we are ideal partners for those who have an idea about what they need. But even for those who do not, we make sure that we identify the sore points within the business. And then we deliver the solution, partnering you in your progress!

Simple answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my idea safe with you? Do you assure that you will safeguard my intellectual property rights about the project?

Rest assured, we believe in stringent safety of data as well its integrity and make sure in all respects that the project details are secured with us. Your IP rights will be upheld in all manners possible.

2. What would the average cost of developing an app?

Each of the apps that we develop differ in complexity and the effort involved. We calculate the time and effort devoted to the project at reasonable rates and strive to offer our very best in every way.

3. If I contact, what is the next step?

We will get back to you with a quote and even schedule another call with experts to take the proceedings forward. We make sure that we initiate calls and schedule appointments suiting your time, after which we agree on a timeline for the completion of the project. In case of T&M engagements, we allocate our resources for your IT needs in a flexible manner.