How to Build Instagram Like Application

Develop Instagram Clone App

In on Single Application if App Users get all facilities like Chatting, Image and Video sharing, Picture and Video uploads, make new friends and stay connected to the world with a best and reliable User interface then why users select another platform and these are the characteristics of best social Networking Instagram App.

How to build an app like Instagram?

You will require a big team of experienced and well-trained people. We will have to get people with different skills. You must know the process and the cost of the app also the features of the app should be understood to you. Even you should know the features you want to include in your app. Also, the requirements of different companies are different we should know what kind of people an organization seeks to attract while making their app. All of the things we will tell you down below. Addon Solutions will help you to build Instagram Clone Application for iPhone and Android with affordable price.

Dedicated Team for Developing App like Instagram

QA engineer

UI/UX design

Project manager

Back-end Developer

Front-end developers

Mobile app developers (Java, Node.js etc)

Features of Instagram Application

  • Registration: The first thing that you do while using any social media app is to do register. It is the first step all of the users need to connect to any social media app. The user should be able to register via different social media and any third party mail. And for it, the user will get a verification code on his phone.
  • Login: Once Registration is done then the user should be able to login into their account from anywhere, and it must be easy for everybody. If the user forgets his password, then he will receive a message on his given phone number.
  • Creating and editing User profile: For this, a user should ask all of his details that he wants to add and if something extra he wants to be put he must be able to it. If he wants to edit any feature, it should be provided to him quickly.
  • Messaging: Once the user does the registration and login that it is essential for the user to be able to message his friends on a regular basis and a real-time mode by this the user, we be in more touch with his friends. And while messaging there should not be any word limit. The user should be able to message as long as he wants. And the user should be able to send and receive the message immediately.
  • Push notifications: The user should be able to get notifications when the user needs to get his app updated, or there is an extra feature added to it. The user should also get his notifications when a new message coming by a friend, or someone wants to connect you, or someone edited his profile or added his photograph.
  • Upload pictures/videos: The user should be able to upload videos and photograph and tags and simple audios also his friend should be able to comment on pictures. And also new users should be able to send him to request to be connected to him if they want.
  • Suggesting groups and other things: Your app should also recommend friends or group he may want to join according to the profile filed by him. Also, it may suggest you the news that you should follow and celebrities you may want to develop according to your interest and hobbies. If the person connected to you follows something, then our app will tell you about that. If a person wants little privacy, then our app will easily provide it. He will only have to choose the option of privatizing and the photos he wants to pick. Also if he wants someone does not see his pictures, and the information so he should be able to block anyone.
  • Geolocation: It is to tag in images and track places.
  • Settings: To choose the language of the notifications The user should be able to enable-disable notifications on his term. If a person wants little privacy, then our app will easily provide it. He will only have to choose the option of privatizing and the photos he wants to pick. Also if he wants someone does not see his pictures, and the information then he should block him.
  • Good UX/UI design: It is essential to give a good user experience to all of its users so that they get attracted to our app and find it easy to use.
  • Multiple operating systems: Our app will be able to work with various platforms, e.g., Android, iOS, windows, open source.
  • Strong database: It is essential to have a robust database to be success full in any social website business to store information about your clients.
  • Provide cache memory: Our app also provides cache memory to the users so that he can look at the information that he is seeking before he changes the app or shut down his PC.
  • Advertisement: People on Instagram can put free photos/banners with creating ads like photos banners for their businesses that will help them grow fast and globally they will quickly become a global brand from just a local one. People can also be 24/7 active for their business they may put current affairs new policies set by the government affecting their industry.
  • #tag feature in our app: Special symbols would be allowed in our app as it permits on Instagram like #tags.
  • Search option: Search option helps users to find specific groups or friends or the kind of subject that they are interested.
  • Reviews and ratings: The company handling social media app they get reviews from the user they must see it properly and update accordingly.
  • Video sharing app: With the help of our app, you will be able to share videos of any resolution.
  • Photo apps: It allows converting them any photographs the way they want they can edit, zoom and rotate their pictures to make perfect and turn it into Insta Banners to share on the photo-sharing app. The user should be able to improve his photograph directly from the device.
  • Activity Log: What it contains are the new friends that have joined you will be there.

How to create Website like Instagram App?

We Addon Solutions will do is learn who are their competitors in the market. Second, we will start with small steps. First, we will target a specific of the audience that the client wants to focus on. Before building this app what we will do is consult with the company already in business. We will tell you the approximate budget according to your features and conditions. Then Addon will develop on MVP for the customer. The company’s app should have something new to offer to the customer if it does not have anything new then what’s the use The company should test there an app to avoid major bugs before launching their app.

We follow this process to Develop Instagram Like app


Then we will show the client the prototype of his project.

Client’s Requirement

Addon will see what kind of public the client wants to target.


We will try to provide the user best and comfortable to use the experience of our application so that it attracts more and more people.


After the app developed it will be checked for bugs and error before deployment.


After testing that there is no bugs and error in the app we will be able to deploy it immediately


Now we will develop the app for the customers in this we will use agile model so that we remain in direct touch with the customers.

Why choose Addon Solutions?

  • Turnkey: Addon will provide turnkey solutions for the quick deployment of the products so that you are not behind in your business in any way.
  • Admin Dashboard: We will provide you with a powerful and separate admin dashboard so that you can handle your business efficiently.
  • Download Android or iOS Instagram clone app: As we will be providing you a multiple platform app and you are an android user you will be easily able to download it we will use Java or Kotlin in android while in iOS we use swift programming.
  • Scalability: You are sure you are going to expand your business doesn’t worry Addon will make scalable products for you.
  • Updates:All the platforms provide updates in their software especially mobile software Apple and Android so to remain competitive your app should also need upgrades. We will give it to you every six months.
  • Instagram clone app source code?: We Addon Solutions will provide the source code of the app to our customers


  • Maintain Server: Serve issue is one of the most significant problems for any app once your app will be deployed you to manage your app is going to be a big issue no need to worry we Addon will maintain your server. If you are giving your customers a remote server in social media app, this will be a big boost to your business we will provide that to you that. The problem of the remote server is he is one of the most significant challenges faced by companies and customers when they are using server resources. When the server is going through a downtime, websites become unavailable. Addon will provide the server as you want.
  • Costing and Maintenance: Once the app delivered to the customer for us Addon it does not mean the end of a relationship we will be providing the maintenance of your app at a very reasonable cost.
  • How to increase Users Volume: By our app users will be able to adjust its volume it will be different from the volume of the mobile It will be straightforward to do it will be in the settings in which you will be able to change your name, nickname, password, etc.
  • Updates: All the platforms provide updates in their software especially mobile software Apple and Android so to remain competitive your app should also need upgrades. We will give it to you every six months.

How an Organization or People Earn Money from an App Like Instagram?

With the help of social media app like Instagram, There are various ways to earn money. First, by advertisements, people can advertise a vast amount of items, and there must be no restrictions. Then take a commission from the companies that are selling their products online with the help of your app. Then you can also make money from the company who wants to put their services on to your app like cloud applications and for online hotel bookings etc. And even if a company wants to set videos as a source of promotion of their business you can even charger them.

Advantages of Instagram Clone Application

Increase traffic for your respective website

This will also help you grow your business on your site in a short time and very fast. It creates and maintains a stronghold that increases the visibility of your site

Trust with the people you are connected

You can share day to day information with your app the things you like dislike and knowledge about your business and build trust with the people you are connected.

Dominant Pact on Instagram

If a person has a current Instagram account with good content and has a lot of friends and the right amount of targeted audience then he will be in touch with a lot of people more than any social media in the word.