Mobile Application Integration

Mobile Application Integration

Addon Solutions offers mobile app integration services in India, USA, UK and Germany. Get seamless integration of various 3rd party services or existing systems for smooth operations of your mobile applications

Mobile App Integration Services

We Connect the Different Worlds to Create an Awesome New World

  • Addon Solutions is acclaimed as an unbeatable mobile application integration service provider company in outsourcing community. We have successfully integrated various third-party services or existing web, mobile, or database systems with mobile applications.
  • We have earned good rapports in the various offshore markets by seamlessly integrating backend applications such as CMS, CRM, POS, ERP, etc. with mobile applications developed by our team or somewhere else.
  • Similarly, we have connect numerous web services and cloud services with mobile backend and frontend to bring new functionality that never existed before.
  • This way we have enhanced the productivity, automation of business processes, and smooth operations of enterprises in a number of countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

Why Mobile Application Integration?

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  • As we know that mobile application alone cannot accomplish all designated tasks with its limited resources and power
  • Mobile devices are thin clients to store big databases
  • Mobiles have limited processing power to do heavy process on the client side
  • Mobile connectivity has a number of constraints to offer seamless experiences when external application is connected

Due to such very logical reasons, mobile applications need to connect with different web services for data exchanging in real-time. For instance,

  • Web Servers for Web Services
  • Cloud Computing Services

Moreover, businesses need to connect the mobile applications with their existing backend systems such as

  • Content Management (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) and more

They do so in order to accomplish the business tasks with mobile applications while on the go.

Why Addon Solutions?

Why Do You Need Addon Solutions for Mobile Application Integration Services?

It is not easy for all mobile app development company to integrate several complex applications and services with mobile applications during mobile app development process or afterwards.

Mobile application integration has several challenges such as

Platform Fragmentation

Mobile OS platforms are not similar and differ from each other at greater degrees. Moreover, mobile devices have various form factors like smartphones and tablets.

These all lead to different sets of performance on different devices and OS. Mobile App Designers have to go for responsive layouts, and Mobile App Programmers have to go for different coding for each different platform. Additionally, thorough testing with real devices becomes a costly affairs for a company with restricted resources.

Ever Growing Mobile Technologies

Mobile programming languages and tools are changing rapidly with the advent of technologies. For instance, now we have Swift against Objective-C for iOS programming. Android is using Java at base while Windows Mobile have Microsoft programming languages.

These all create highly fragmented landscape for the mobile programmers to deal with various mobile applications developed for different platform, but for a single purpose or a client.

Business Logic

Each business is unique in itself. Therefore, one business logic may not work for other even though it is from similar business niche. Therefore, it is touch for Mobile Application Integration Service providers to construct the business logic and point it in righteous ways.

Fortunately, Addon Solutions have capacities to face all such tough challenges during its integration process and offer seamless user experiences, high-end performance, and bring unique functionality by mobile application integration services.

Benefits of Various Mobile App Integration

Know More Benefits of Various Mobile Application Integration Services by Addon Solutions

We offer different mobile application integration services with distinct benefits such as

Mobile App Integration with POS
  • Boost in Sale or Services
  • Enable Multichannel Contacts
  • Leveraging Mobile Cloud Services for POS
  • Make Application Secure and Safe
Mobile App Integration with CRM
  • Easy Access of sales and marketing reports
  • Access real-time customer information
  • Access dashboard on mobiles
  • Easy trade and right management
Mobile App Integration with CMS
  • Access dashboard
  • Editing content
  • Uploading textual and image content
  • Keep content fresh from anywhere while on the go using mobiles

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