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Addon Solutions Designing and Building a Multilingual Website for different languages like German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, English, Japanese, Hindi and more. Be Global by winning multicultural and multilingual audience

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How to Create a Multilingual Website Design Let’s Talk

Over the years, Addon Solutions has been in the forefront to Design & Develop dynamic multilingual websites. We excel in Multilingual Website Programming with the help of our experiences with success in developing user-centric and fruitful websites in multiple languages.

Why Multilingual Website?

A multilingual website helps expand a business in more than one way.

English is a default language on the web and for the web developers. Therefore, today we have the majorities of websites are in English even though the native English speakers are in the minority among the world population.

Businesses and professionals are smart and know their audience well. Therefore, when they found a big chunk of audience/consumers with regional languages or dispersed across the geographies, they tend to include more than one language in their websites by making it multilingual.

In short, the ultimate benefits of multilingual website design are

  • Instant translation and availability of the content of the website
  • Contributes to engage visitors or customers around the globe
  • Help to break the language barrier
  • Customer Centric
  • Increased Sales figures
  • Helps to boost up web traffic
  • It helps companies or organizations to establish themselves in international market
  • Helps users to get the contents or text within website in their choice of language, which enhance their browsing experience and make it easy for them to read the content of the website
  • Nothing changed within original website

Who Need Multilingual Websites?

If you’re still in doubt about how localization will help you in business. Let’s speak

If you are falling in one of the categories listed below, you probably are a strong contender for the multilingual web designing services offered by Addon Solutions.

  • Established business or company with international presence
  • You are in English speaking countries, but want to expand your horizons across the different cultures and language speaking audience
  • Your business or web audience growing fast and need to address English illiterate or less preferred language; you should go for multilingual website design
  • When you are a media company, travel & tourism, or in hospitality industries, your content distribution needs more than one language presence with multilingual approaches
  • Government and NGO like websites have to cover the different geographies and people with diverse range of languages officially, so multilingual web development is mandatory for them
  • Bloggers who have desires to extend their reach think over Multilingual CMS

How We Build a Multi-Language Website

We create entirely bilingual website in well-defined languages with manual or auto translate

We have a team of talented and creative web designers and web developers who know how to tackle intricacies of multilingual web development processes. Therefore, our final outputs are superior in the market and cost-effective in all aspects.

We know how problematic and tedious job when developers have to copy all content files and translate them in different folders. Broken links, wrong language presentation, different URL problems, a heap of files & folders on the server, content layout issues, and other site management related issues.

Therefore, we take different approaches to mitigate upcoming problems in the multilingual web design and development. In due course, we use

  • Regular CMS with two strategies to display content:
  • One file with the include files for languages to pass the query string parameters or cookies for the requested languages
  • One file for each language, but with tons of include files
  • Multilingual CMS with some language independent parts and files, so it is with limited set of files
  • Creating virtual URL that mapped to the same real file in the server to display fast, accurate, and SEO friendly web pages in the range of languages

Why Addon Solutions?

Reasons to choose Addon Solutions for Multilingual Web Development

  • We offer appealing designs for the multilingual websites to fit your bespoke requirements
  • We design engaging UI
  • Seamless navigation
  • Highly qualified and experienced team of Multilingual Website Developers
  • We do translation work with the help of the respective native speaker to obtain the best contexts and comprehensions
  • We include different character sets according to the needs of the language
  • We take care of the text directions as Arabic and Hebrew like languages are written from right to the left direction unlike the most written in left to right direction
  • Adequate technical support
  • Premium quality works @ highly discounted rates

Our team of Multilingual Website Designers & Multilingual Website Developers has vast experiences in developing variety of multilingual websites to cater diverse needs of our global clientele.

We understand the significance of effective communication so we offer the top of the line multilingual websites to help our clients that can help them to break the traditional language barriers and ease in the expansion of the business globally.

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