On-Demand Flower Delivery App Development

On-Demand Flower Delivery App Development

Deliver flowers at midnight and instant to your customer with the help of On-Demand Flower Delivery App. We offer Uber for Flowers business and customer applications development services.

Flower Delivery App Development for Quick Business Transition

Flowers are an excellent thing to express your love and feelings. It is an ancient tradition to send the bouquet through a delivery boy. The business of a flower is an excellent choice for startup in the IT industry with less knowledge and less investment. The customer’s choice demand and price of the flowers are always alternate. The florists who are in this business for a long time, know the market, can adopt this online method of the industry to increase the profit margin.

Features of the app

On-demand bouquet and flowers delivery app development is the requirement of nowadays. The consumer always needs to reach the fresh bouquet to their loved ones on the exact location. Now the customer has not to visit the flower shop to buy the flowers. They have to scroll their mobile apps to order the flowers or bouquet of their own choice. It gives the opportunity to the mobile app developers to develop the app with full features in the bouquet app clone or app clone. According to the statistical report, in China, the online sale of the flower is increasingly by the vast numbers. In 2017, the market growth rate was 38% and was expected to increase by 70% in 2019. On-demand florist app development will help you to improve the business boundaries from local to international level. Online bouquet and Flower delivery solution will help you to upgrade your own business from a small flower store to the flower aggregation. Our Indian developers are every time ready to help you with customization. If you are interested in tieing, with the topmost mobile development companies for building a strong and powerful online business, then we will have to share your demand for the industry at info@addonslutions.com

SMS and Email Configuration

Real-Time Tracking

Social Media Connection with ADD-ONS

Cash and Card Payment

Refer and Promo

Extensive Admin Panel & Website

Generation of report

Weekly Statement

Fare Estimator

Provider verification

Schedule of Booking

Fully Automated

Solutions for Flower Delivery App

Web Panel For Management

Flower Delivery Driver Android App

Client Android App

Client Web Panel

Flower Delivery Driver iOS App

Client iOS app

Main Website

Flower Delivery Driver Web Panel

Working on the app

  • The first step is the user has to download the app and has to login using the social media accounts, and has to build a new profile by entering the required information in the app.
  • The user has to enter the details of their payment card so that they can pay when the flower delivered.
  • The user has to select the type of flowers like Rose, Orchid, etc. they need. After that, the main category they have to choose the sub-category like small or large.
  • Then after this, the request is sent to the flower delivery drivers who will be available in your preferred area. When the driver accepts it, the florist will prepare the bouquet, and the driver will pick it.
  • The florist owner will get all the details of the driver like vehicle number and its identification number. This tracking can be tracked on the app by the user with the Flower Delivery App.
  • After the flower delivered to the loved ones, the user will get the notifications.

Types Of Flower In-App

1. Daffodil

2. Gardenia

3. Gerbera

4. Daisy

5. Magnolia

6. Orchid

7. Sunflower

8. Tulip

9. Rose

Flowers On-Demand Solutions

Make Your Life of a Customer With the On Demand Flower Delivery Application

The delivery of flower is the very most comfortable solution for the customers for placing flower delivery orders in a simple way and with the quick method. The app we implemented for flower delivery is the best solution for your business. It is straightforward and has to bring a lot of money continuously. You have to make only a one-time investment, and this app will give you the option to earn money whenever the order is placed using your app.

Cost Of Developing A Flower Delivery App

There is some companies which are providing the flower delivery app development. According to the report of IBIS, the industry of florist has around $800 million in the last five years. The landscape of the application of the mobile is simple and very convenient. The user has to click on some items which you want, and the delivery service will be at your door. You will have to choose your favorite bouquet, with some gifts and your loved person will receive at the right time. So, to increase your business domain, franchise, etc. with the just help of the mobile apps built with the innovative approach.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What will be the cost of development?

Cost is dependent on the features of the app.

Which type of platform does this app support?

Application of the flower delivery supports iOS and Android or based on your requirements.

What will be the type of development app?

The type of development app will be Native or Hybrid.

Who will be the users of this app?

The customers of this flower delivery app will be Personal, Enterprise or Agency.

Which operating system does your app support?

iOS, Android, Windows, Ubuntu, Macintosh, Web App is the OS supported by the app.