On Demand Grocery Delivery App Development

Grocery App Development

We are one of the Top leading On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Company in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Sweden, UAE & India. We offer Android and iOS mobile apps development solutions for the grocery shop.

Exclusive features of the app

With the expanding population of India, Online Grocery is the best idea to develop the app. With the help of the few clicks of your mobile phones, You will be able to catch the preferred grocery at your doorstep within a few hours or in a day, without wasting your valuable time. You only require the grocery on-demand app for the android to perform your orders of grocery from the comfort of your house and to avoid the unnecessary trips of the supermarket. Online grocery shopping in India is acquiring a significant cluster of the market. Every order is treated specially and is sent to the clients carefully by the trained personnel who gave a high priority to customer satisfaction. This app of Shopping will provide the customers with telephones and emails, so customers can use there to increase the use of their services with their problem solution.

We are an honest and honorable company. Our primary objective is to grow up in the technology market by guarantee that our clients are always successful. The apps that our team building is under the guidance of the experts and gathered with advanced features. We will provide you some services free for the grocery store deliver the app.

Add To Basket

It will permit to place the orders and will buy the items of grocery through the application. With this, the user can make the payment with the secure payment gateway.

Modes Of Payment

In this, there would be some Payment methods of the world. With the help of the secure transaction, the user can make the payment with the cash, wallet or with the cards.


On-demand grocery delivery app uses the Google map which can send the current location of the delivery driver. The customers can track the live position of their orders.

Registration and Log in

A feature of login and registration will allow you via social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Once you have a login, you can order as many times you want.

White Label Application

We will give you a white label solution for you so that you can deliver your app with your brand name with your logo. This app is a whole rebranded for you.

Source code License

We will provide you a source code license that is open for you for customization. You do not have to remain dependent on us for any changes which you required. The code is completed on your hand and can change it as per your needs.

Grocery Delivery Solutions

The website of a Grocery Delivery, customers web panels, Delivery boy, is 100% responsive, which is all shown up for all their digital assistants like iPads, iPhones all types of Smart devices, PC browsers, and tablets. The whole package fully loaded with the incredible subsystem and app by giving the right to the site owner to manage the system entirely.

  • Storage of Web panel for the management of orders delivers items and categories.
  • Delivery boy/Carrier/Driver Android app
  • Deliver boy/Carrier/Driver iOS app
  • Main Website
  • Customer Web Panel
  • Admin panel helps to manage the Customer, Stores, Payment, Delivery boy, Commissions, etc.
  • Delivery boy/Carrier/Driver Web Panel
  • Customer Android Apps
  • Customer iOS Apps

How will the Grocery App work?

Customers can log into the Grocery website or app to purchase the groceries they want. The deliverers can travel to the store, collect the groceries for the customer with the application debit card and deliver it to the consumer. Thee are the main three segments which are working.

1. Consumer/ Customer

They have an app from where they can place the order of required groceries by selecting from one or more than one grocery store. They can also put on the request from their laptop or desktop with the website. Consumers also make payments online. The customer has the right to fix their date of deliveries for some specific date and time.

2. Shoppers

The shoppers receive orders from their smart devices. After getting the notification, they pick the ordered items manually and deliver them.

3. Stores

We provide the Grocery App which is tied up with the most of the grocery stores in several cities. Through this, we can increase revenue via online sales.

Services offered by Addon Solutions

Developers new idea to create the grocery application has brought out the right way for the grocery stores to earn some more money.

Local Stores

Grocery app will have no deal with the warehouse; you can select the products which you want.

Doorstep Service

The stores of grocery can deliver the products wherever you want in your office, home and at any place where you select the location of delivery.

Service on the same day

You have grocery mobile app on your fingertips, stores, and schedule of delivery as when you want.


This app has launched a new idea in the world of application development, so let us do take care of it.


The Smartest Grocery delivery app. We will take the references from your side, and we will take care of it next time.


The consumer can store the details of payment and can make the payment through grocery shopping service app.

How can this app make money?

How this app will make money is very easy and straightforward.

Fee Of Delivery

Every order which received may have a standard charge of $3.99 delivery fee for the schedule or a 2-hour delivery and $5.99 for 1-hour delivery.

Mark-Up Prices

Some stores are tied with our Grocery app to sell their products on offering the same prices as in the under the store price. Some stores have to make up 15% or from more their in the app- store purchases — revenue from the mark-up prices which will help them to pay for the shoppers.

Fee Of Membership

For the regular customer, our app will give the annual membership at $99. Consumers who have purchased this membership will get free delivery on groceries for one year with the terms and conditions.

Extra Features

Track your goods

Immediately access to the multiple grocery stores

Grocery store application

Refer and Earn



Technology used

  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • SocketCluster
  • PHP
  • Android
  • Apple
  • SwiftiOS
  • Bootstrap
  • Linux

Steps of development towards your project

We are trying us every effort to make your product easy and simple. There are some steps:

Download the application and test them in a real-time environment.

Select your convenient language and currency.

Produce server, Playstore, and Logo of your choiceD. We will deploy your app with your brand name on your Playstore.

We will deploy your app with your brand name on your Playstore.