On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Online Medicines Delivery App

Addon Solutions provides custom online medicine delivery apps with iPhone, Android, and Web platform.

On-demand Medicine delivery App?

Your own Uber like Pharmacy Delivery App, Medicine, Prescription Delivery App

Are you healthcare startups, or running pharmacy chains and hospitals? We make online medicine ordering system for your business. With the rapid advancement in technology, our day to day life has become easy. We can get everything delivered to our home. You can get all the drugs provided to you online prescribed by your doctor. If a person is facing any illness, we will also be able to suggest you essential drugs and deliver it to you. Medicine is a very basic amenity for people by investing in this business you will earn for a lifetime.

Pharmacy App Development

Customized delivery app and website for your pharmacy shop

To make an On-demand Medicine delivery app, you must hire a skilled and experienced developing team. You must know there are various apps for online delivery of medicine already available in the market. We at addon will build an app according to the wishes of our customers, and that will stand out in the market as we have a skilled and enthusiastic team of developers that are well versed to work on futuristic technologies. We will also provide you good UX/UI so that customer doesn’t face any problem while working on the app.

Medicines to deliver at doorstep

We provide high-end delivery app with necessary modules

Handel Sales and purchase

With the help of POS software, the business person can manage the Sales and Purchase of their businesses quickly.

Ratings and reviews

The customer can give ratings and reviews for the services provided to them by the shop owner.

Chain management for supply

A supply chain management system so that the pharmaceutical store can easily track the demand for the drugs and it supplies into the store.


Store owners can market their store with the help of banners, posters, and advertisements with the help of which they can reach a wider audience.

CRM(Customer Relation software Management) Software

The app will save and store all the information of the customers buying medicines from the pharmacy app.

Home delivery

Pharmaceutical stores will deliver drugs to their customers online to their homes with the help of our feature-rich app. Customers will provide their address to the shop owner, and drugs will come to them.


It can be useful for both Pharmaceutical stores and customers. Pharmaceutical stores can track their shipments and orders. They will also follow salespersons and distributors. Customers can easily track the drugs ordered by them.

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How it works for customers

Retain your customers with online medicine delivery business today.

  • User registration: To use our app, the user will have to register into our app first, but they will have to do it as a user.
  • Profile: The user can add some of their basic information such as their address name phone number. The user can mention the drugs that you eat daily because of a specific ailment and user can also specify the name of the doctor whose prescription they are taking.
  • Doctor’s Prescription: Users can easily submit the drugs prescribed to them by the doctor.
  • Order online: The user can select the drugs he wants, and that delivered to them at their door.
  • Cancel order: Users can also cancel it if they don’t want it or for another issue happened.
  • Add to cart: For the drugs that customer requires daily, they can add it and then order it when needed.
  • Track pharmacy stores: If you come to a new city and a user can track different pharmacy stores with the help of our app.
  • Discuss with doctors or nutritionist: The user will also be able to discuss the drugs that they are taking with various doctors and nutritionists.
  • Mostly ordered medicines: The user can easily see mostly requested drugs for a particular ailment or prescribed medication by the doctor.
  • Make payments: The customer can easily make online payments for their orders.

How it works for Pharmacy Stores

Fully customizable online pharmacy app development solution for store owners.

Show similar products

Many medicines have similar salts but made by different companies you can put that for comparison by your clients.


Store owners can easily provide rebates to their customers.

Ratings and reviews

The customer can give ratings and reviews for the services provided to them by the shop owner.


Similar to a user to use the app by the pharmacy stores they must first register into our app, but they can register as store manager.

Personal information

Pharmacy store can put the address of their store, email address, phone number so that customers can quickly ask them for their services.

Manage products

Store owners can easily make a list of all the products present in their store. Our app will help them to manage the shipments and deliveries ordered by them. They can also look at all the products that their customers are ordering and make a list of that too.

Manage online orders

Store owners can provide online deliveries to their customers. Once the customer has ordered, then they can inform about it to the delivery person that will finally make the delivery.

How it works for Administrator

Providing a seamless and easy-to-use online medicine ordering system


Admin can verify all the requests made by the store owner or customers and save it into the database.

Tools for marketing

Admin will get various marketing tools such as banners, posters, and advertisements that they will provide it to store owners if requested.

Manage payments

Admin can manage different kinds of payments made by the clients and save a list for all of them.

Features Must Have for On-demand medicine delivery

Here are the essential features we can devise in medicine delivery app.


Different doctors can write their views on various drugs; the user can also read medication-related news, etc.

Reservation management

The user can also book for medicines for future dates.

Track pharmacy stores

If you come to a new city and the user can track different pharmacy stores with the help of our app.


Our app will provide multiple languages for its users. Our app will also accept multiple currencies including Cryptocurrencies.


Our app will provide clarity so that store owner can earn the trust of their customer they can put the expiration dates for different drugs and their salts.

Start your medicine delivery business

Starting your online pharmacy store can be tranquil when you are with the right partners with you.

Several On-demand Medicine delivery apps

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