On-Demand Tutor App Development

Tutor Finder App Development

Start your own online tutor business. Addon Solutions will help you to build on-demand tutoring app development with iPhone and Android mobile apps.

On Demand Tutor Hire App

Many times you feel that you are not achieving the perfectly you want. It is due to the lagging behind the technologies; you are not able to reach the global market. We will provide you the latest and advanced technology; our team will implement the app in this competitive world. Nowadays, most of all students preferred online course. Online on-demand educational courses, many training programs, chapters, seminars, and subscription is motivating enterprise to implement the on-demand tutor app. On the same location, the tutors can give a slot to the students, or the tutor can teach online. On-demand tutor from the Addon solutions is one of the best and perfect available in the market. It has the features to run the On-Demand Real-time business.

Creating Tutoring App Like Uber

It is the best service for the students which will give authority to students and tutors dependent on the On-Demand. It is the easiest method to search for tutors from the mobile application. There are some basic features added as according to the requirements of the clients which inserted into the On-Demand Tutor app.

In-built Message

Communication between Students and Tutors


Make a payment online via a mobile wallet and card to get the services

Searching or Map

It will provide you facility to find the tutors around you and book them


It will allow the students to post the requirements so, that tutors can contact them

Sign up

In the process of registration, there will be a button or sign up for students and tutors


After the registration, users can search for the registered tutors and programs to get the services of the tutors

Ratings and Feedback

After the completion of tutors programs, users can leave the feedback with their ratings and feedback

Why Prefer On Demand Tutor App from us?


We will give you On Demand Tutor App at a reasonable price including all the features.

Support & Maintenance

Give 24/7 support after delivering the application.

Team Of Experts

Developers and Designers team have the expert knowledge of developing a mobile application.

Methodologies of Our Work

Addon Websites is to combine the method and technologies of the predefined and reducing the chances of the errors and bugs.

Custom Tutor On Demand App Development

We are offering a Customized Application Of Mobile that has implemented with the enterprise applications and can stand alone in the market giving fierce competition to the other apps.


Clients get the facility of direct communication with the developers. The efficiency of the app is continuously increasing, and everything achieved on time.

Requirement For the Start-Up Application


Our app will have a focus on the customer needs by factors like arrival time, location, etc.


It will show the on-demand progress report on their products and their latest updates made in the app.


We can increase business performance with many factors.

Service Provider

It will provide the basic needs of services like navigation, summary, etc.

Difficulties Faced By Students Manually

  • A vast number of students increased in classroom
  • There is a different learning need of every student
  • Due to the working parents, there is a lack of parental guide
  • Hard to find the private tuition
  • Pressure on the students to get good marks

Services we offer

App Development

Our task is to meet the client requirement by supplying online learning tutors applications.

Growth Of Market

Integration of technology will give you On-demand tutor app development which encloses more professional people from the market.


Getting data from the analyzes market we will understand the need of market and students.

Tutorial Panel

Create the Profile

Availability of timing

Accept or Reject requests

View, Edit or Update Bookings

Check Earnings

Conversation with students

Flow Of Student In-App

  • Social Media or Direct Login
  • Search For Tutor
  • View Tutors review & details
  • Post your requirement
  • Booking of Tutor
  • Chat with the Tutor
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Technology Stack

    SMS, Voice & Phone Verification- Nexmo, Twilio

    Real-time Analyzes- BigData, IBMon, Hadoop, Apache Flink, Spark, Cisco

    Database- MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Hbase, Cassandra

    Payment- Stripe, EWallets, Braintree & PayPal

    Push Notification- Twilio, Push.io

    Cloud Environment- AWS, Google, Azure

    Similar Apps like On-demand Tutor

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    It is the latest and advance apps of the tutor which will meet the student demand. Students can take immediately check the session and availability of the tutors. If, there is any problem their us the facility of real-time chat. It will also send a reminder to the student for their tutor’s section. Students can find the subjects, course, and exams theirs from the best tutors.

    2. Varsity

    It is the most successful tutoring app for the live tutorial. It is the app which will give the facility to students with the new live videos. Giving coaching at any time and anywhere is your primary goal. It will provide the extra feature of the 24/7 support. This app will be available for both iOS and Android.

    3. Gooroo app

    It will fill the gap between the educational. Students can get the best tutor app according to their learning demands. Demand will be assignment completion, preparation of exams, learning new and advanced subjects from the tutor of our expert. Students can also search the tutor in their nearby location and can set the time and date.

    Words From Clients

    Addon Solutions is the leading IT company in the market which is delivering the best solution to the enterprise with their expert knowledge and skills. You can connect them via their website https://www.addonsolutions.com