Online Food Order and Delivery Application Development

Online Food Order and Delivery Application

Addon Solutions is a Top Leading On-Demand Food Order and Delivery Application Development Service provider company in India and the USA. Our 10+ years experienced and skilled developers will deliver Food Ordering application according to the client’s Requirement.

What is Online Food Ordering App?

Online food ordering apps allow people to order their favorite food to their home. People will be able to eat food at his house watching some show or film or while spending time with his family. People will also be able to try different foods each day. It will save time and money. With the help of food ordering apps, restaurant owners will be able to boost their business as more and more people will know about their restaurant and they will be able to reach to more and more people. Before developing a food app, you must know that there are already various food ordering app present in the market such as Uber Eats, Swiggy, Seamless, GrubHub, Delivery Hero, Food Panda, Zomato, etc.

Features of Online Food Order and Delivery software

  • Authorization: The app will provide easy registration and login for restaurants owners and customers.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard will be the first page that will appear after authorization. With the help of the panel, people will be able to order their favorite food from their favorite place.
  • Menu list: Every restaurant owner will be able to manage his separate menu. They will be able to add, edit & manage menu list efficiently. The app will also have interactive Backend.
  • Offers: Restaurant owners will be able to put all the discounts and offer that he is making on the app to attract more customers.
  • GPS: Customer will be able to find all the restaurant in his nearby area with the help of GPS tracker.
  • Real-time tracking: Once the order has been made user will have a full knowledge where his order has reached you will be able to track your order.
  • Table reservations: The user will be able to reserve their seats in their favorite restaurants of particular date and time.
  • Notifications: As the order made the restaurant owner and delivery boy will get the notifications.
  • Multiple payment options: Customer will have various payment options they will be able to pay online, or with the help of any card like a credit card, master card. The user will also be able to do cash on delivery.
  • Delivery boy page: Delivery boy delivered food on the given address, and he will also call on the given number of the customer if he has difficulty finding the address.
  • Rating and reviews: Customer will be able to give it to the restaurant.

Process for the Customers

Check the menu

Customer will first choose the restaurant according to his convenience with the help of Geolocation, and then he will be able to browse through all of the lists of the restaurant.


There are various payment options the user can pay online, or with the help of any card like a credit card, master card. The user will also be able to pay cash on delivery.

Order it

The customer will be able to choose all the items that he wants to eat and then order it.

Track the order in real time

Customer will be able to track their food where it is.

Process for Delivery Boy

Get notified about a new order

Delivery boy will get a notification with the address when the order arrived.

Accept or Reject an order

A delivery person can reject or accept an order.

List and address

Once the delivery boy has accepted, he will be able to look at the list of the products he has to deliver. He will also get the address of his destination.

Get customer signature after delivery

Once you have made the delivery to the customer take a sign from the customer as proof.

Process for Restaurant Owners


As the customer makes an order, the restaurant owner will get the notification.

Payment Section

As the amount reaches the owner, he can give notifications to the customer.

Order List

All of the orders that made will reach the restaurant owner, and he has the authority to reject or accept an order.

Update History

Our application will provide a history manager feature through which application admin can add or delete data from the past, can change order information, etc.

Advanced Features Provides by Addon Solutions

Social Media Sharing

Allow customers to share your business on social media. Addon will develop an advertisement page on social media so that more and more people can know about your business.

Strong Backend

Addon will provide you with robust Backend so that you can store as much data as possible.


Addon will provide you with a multiplatform app that will run on mobile, desktops and laptops.

Sales SEO Marketing Tool

We will provide powerful marketing tools and techniques that will help you reach your business goals.

Robust Web & Mobile App

The app will be able to handle thousands of request at one time as an addon solution will use cutting-edge solutions to give you extra power.

Business model of Food Ordering Mobile App


Advertise your brand so that more and more people can know about it.

Manage customers

With the help of this app, it will be easy for the customers to manage the app.

Quickly respond to order

The delivery must be made as rapidly as possible to earn the trust of the customer.

App owner

If you don’t own a restaurant and are just buying an app, then you need to create a chain of restaurants in different cities.

Make Yourself Reachable

If a customer wants to reach the restaurant put well-guided map directions and a famous place nearby the restaurant.

3-Step Order for Customers

First food ordered with the help of a website or app. Second, the customer will check the menu. And at last, make the order and the payment.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What will be the fees of making an app and will there be any additional fees?

Payment will depend on features and time taken to complete an app. No user will be allowed to have unlimited businesses & customers.

Can the user use their Name, Logo, and Brand?

Yes, the user can choose his name for a website. The user can select his logo for the brand.

Will you customize the app?

We will make a customizable app as per your need.

Who are we?

We are Since 10+ years old mobile and web development company that help you in your project.

What extra will we provide?

We will give you maintenance and support for a few months for free.

Is there any Deployment Charges

We will deploy the app for free on almost every platform.

What is ORA?

ORA is Order Receiving Application for Merchants.