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Addon Solutions is one of the most leading IT Outsourcing Company in India which is offering mobile app and software building services to the top countries United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Europe, Middle East, Argentina, Brazil, Asia, and many more.

Dedicated Remote Team

Whether you have a digital agency, enterprise or you are an SME for the web, internet marketing or mobile app development, we are there to help you and will give you the best reliable outsourcing services from India. We have the remote team of the experts and well-trained developers, designers, QA and Project manager. You will get the maximum ROI and will have the team for your software needs. You will get the expected results according to your requirements and will get the scalability and mobility with the help of the agile and white-labeled methodologies.

  • As working in the latest era of the IT industry, we know that the clients do not want to make a significant investment in website development or mobile application. So, keeping these point of view in mind Addon Solutions is offering the global models of outsourcing so that the client can not compromise in the development.
  • We have designed the business models in such a way that the client can add their extra resources in the projects and can serve their end customers. We guaranteed that every client would get the satisfied services which they require and handed on time.

if you are dealing with IT Outsourcing companies for your development, such as like us We fit in your budget and save 60% cost for your projects. As this will make believe that you have chosen us among the thousands of companies in India and are the most efficient and partner company in India.

Our Primary Outsourcing Services

IT Services

To make ease in your business operations, we will create the solutions which will make the use of the latest and standardized technologies which will increase the efficiency and performance in your project. Hire top outsourcing company from India to set up your virtual team with affordable cost.

Mobile App Development

We will help your business which will give the outcomes according to your mobile screen. We will integrate and understand your business requirements with the latest and advanced technology with innovative ideas. Be a Partner with offshore software development unit for needed solutions!

Web Development and Designing

In this competitive market, the website you design and develop must be useful and would be able to represent the objectives and goal of your business. We will create the best and smart web, which will increase the economic rate of your business. Be a first to contact us! We made outsourcing to India easy with very few steps.

Digital Marketing

We will focus on the targeted audience with services which can turn information into the useful vision. We deliver the best and quick results online. Visit our company!

Set up Virtual Office.

Get set up your own offshore IT development center (virtual offices) in India and hire best-telented staff for your upcoming or running projects. Here we help our clients to set up his remote development team in India with all required infrastructure. Many big companies from USA have their software development unit in Banglore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Ahemdabad.

Hire Remote Developer

India is known for its information technology skills. Nowadays, more and more business prefer hiring developers remotely from India specially from Banglore and Hyderabad as these cities lot skilled engineers and providing offshore developers on-site and remotely. We help you to hire remote programmers with full-time or part-time.

Save 50% Cost for your next project?

We can save nearby 50% cost in your next project. Let’s talk about your product development, we offer full service from start to finish talk to an expert today. We estimate your mobile app development cost and spec your idea with world class software and app development services.

For Whom We are Working?


For Enterprise

We will understand and recognize the strategic management option, and our team will bring a unique and excellent solution to the business. We have the years of experience working with every field of industry and giving the solution of every complex problem, digital marking services, and enterprise mobility.

For Agency

If you are working on the web or digital agency, we will help you to manage growth, execute some more projects at the same time, control the cost and improve margins. We will also help you to increase the proposition and will provide a new solution to the clients with the use of the complete white labeled methodology.

For SMEs

We will give you startup to scale up the business operations and control the cost. We offer mobile, web and internet marketing to build, implement and manage the marketing web solutions for your business.

Addon solutions will offer you the ease of the models so that you can get a benefit of the multi-talented team.

Flexible Implementation of Outsourcing Models

Hiring a talent pool

Hire the dedicated and professional designers, developers or experts of digital marketing for your project. This package offers you to hire the trained staff at a low cost. It is preferable for large-scale projects, SEO and digital marketing services.

Flexible hiring

In this package, you take the benefit of multiple skill sets of the resource of the programmer. You can fix the number of hours every month and can enjoy the freedom to use the skills of the developers.It will be beneficial to the management and maintenance services.

Project dependent hiring

  • In this, the scope and cost fixed from the beginning of the project. The scope of the project must be clear then this package will be beneficial.
  • We will give you a fixed and the required resources so that you can achieve your business scope.
  • It will advantage to the digital agencies for e-commerce, CMS and marketing services of digitization.
  • Now you can think of a outsource in India and get the benefits and enjoy the experience which you never considered. Beginning from the access to the well-trained team of web experts, enjoy the maximum ROI- everything will be possible if you move on IDS logic for your web outsourcing requirements.
  • Get the perfect and professional result-oriented solutions of outsourcing for all your web related queries, and enjoy the enterprise mobility and scalability with the proved white labeled methodologies.

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Services we Offer

Software Testing

Mobile App Development

Dedicated Programmers

IT Outsourcing

Clone App development

Online Marketing

24*7 Monitoring Services

E-commerce Development

Web development

Custom software development

Technologies in which we are working

  • Drupal
  • DotNetNuke
  • Magento
  • Open Source Technology
  • PHP Development
  • Sitefinity
  • Moodle
  • Blockchain
  • IoT
  • Graphics Designing
  • Laravel Website
  • ERP and CRM
  • Android
  • AI Services
  • CakePHP
  • SharePoint
  • ASP.Net Development
  • Machine learning
  • Angular.js and ReactJS
  • Vue.js, ReactNative
  • Javascript
  • Machine Learning
  • AR and VR Solutions
  • WordPress Sites
  • Python and TensorFlow
  • iOS Development