Beautiful Mobile App Portfolio

We have built iOS and Android Mobile Projects of most beautiful apps for the global market. Here we’ve showcased our top mobile app development portfolio.


  • Navahang, categorized archive of Persian entertainment providing the high quality Persian Music Videos, Persian MP3s and 24/7 Live Radio.
  • We designed and developed iOS , Android and Web Apps to capture global market..

    Wha We Did?

  • Web Services, Third Party API Integration, CDN and Cloud Based API Development
  • Radio Streaming, Music Player, Deep Linking, Lazy Loading,
  • Complete dynamic website with iPhone, Android and iPad Application
  • QR Code Integration, Image Manipulation

    Riya Resto

  • It is an excellent application for the online food ordering system. It allows the users to place the online orders and reserves the tables of the restaurants. The app is integrated with RR RESTO ERP, which again consists of web applications for POS, a waiter APP, and other applications of the different branches of the restaurant. The main function of the app is to synchronize the data of the whole restaurant in real-time. It is a complete Android-based online restaurant food ordering system to try.

    What you will find in this Restaurants application?

  • Dine in-table booking/table reservation features for diners away or in vicinity
  • Smart order taking features for-Takeaway/pickup foods directly from restaurants
  • Quick Search for a Menu or an Order Easy & Secure Payment Options
  • Lucrative Offers Managements One App for All Tasks
  • Excellent Menu Management for Restaurants Comprehensive Inventory Management for Restaurants
  • Efficient Supply Chain Management Push Notification Facilities


  • Android Transportation GPS App
  • Connecting transport world with on-time and accurate data for shipments and more this Android based app helps different region transporters connect with same category businesses, search Loads, perceive vehicles remotely, receive accurate on time information about customer vehicle location, direction of travel, Status of Shipment and effectively cut costs and many more features for transportation company”

    What we perform for this application?

  • Web and Android application development using .NET MVC platform for back-end and Android for Mobile App
  • Google Map Integration, GPS Tracking Features, Web Services Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration, Hardware Integration with Mobile App and Web Application
  • Graphics Design, Algorithm Development

    Guardian Locate

  • Android GPS Tracking Application
  • The app enables a company to track the vehicles, to do personal tracking and have many more features with complete GPS-based tracking capability. This Android application is with online cloud server integration.

    What We Did?

  • Complete GPS tracking platform
  • Web Services Development, Integration, Third Party Hardware Integration
  • Data Calculators, Algorithm Development
  • Server Side Function Programming, Listener writing for GPS Trackker


  • iPhone Online Shopping Application Development using Magento API
  • Experience the new era of mobile world with a mobile app by doing the online shopping with Luxyee Android App. This brand new Android Luxyee Application allows you to do online shopping at anytime and anywhere with just a tap of your finger. Do you want to have the product listing following the latest trends? Luxyee can fulfill it.

    What We Did?

  • iPhone and Android Magento Based Shopping Cart Application Development
  • PayUMoney Payment Gateway Integration with application and website
  • Custom API Development for Magento Platform
  • Graphics Design and UI/UX, Social Media API Integration

    Super Sail

  • control panel for Marine Alarm system.
  • Developed a features like GPS Fence, 12V monitoring, Collision Sensor, Jamming monitoring, Tracking, Wireless Alarm Sensors and remote control

    What We Did?

  • Marine Alarm System, GPS Tracking Solutions from App
  • Application for iPhone and Android with Native SDK Development
  • Third Party API Integration, Remote control Devices in Boat like Heat, Light, Fridge amd More
  • SuperSail Container Alarms monitor your values in all types of containers so you can feel safe.

    Taxi Booking App

  • Get a reliable taxi app for your business with driver app and user app and provide ride in minutes with the Addon Cab app for passenger. From low-cost to premium, different cars category for selection. Control entire app from back-end with dynamic web admin panel. User can create account and pay with, credit card, PayuMoney – fare will be charged automatically at the end of your ride based on miles or kilometer.

    What We Did?

  • Graphics, API Development, Web Back-End, Third Party API Integration
  • Google Map, Apple Map Integration, Near By Location Algorithm Development
  • Driver Application Design and Development and Integration with Passenger App
  • Push notification for every moment you will be notified upon your cab’s arrival


  • It is an application with an aim to change the world for better. The concept is based on the core value of sharing. Creating own photo space and sharing with agroup based on permission. If you want to know more about the app, feel free to download it from Google Play store and try it.

What Task We Did?

  • Capture photo and direct upload on server.
  • Developed algorithm for social activities
  • API Development, Graphics Design, App for iPhone and Android
  • Real time push notification for photo upload delete and album delete.
    • Taxi Booking Driver App

    • Taxi Driver App Features: Register: Drivers get the platform to register from back-end and gets approved and live only once the admin approves their profile. Booking: The Driver can accept booking once generated from user app within 1 min. else ride will be send to another nearest driver. Status: The Driver is allowed to update the passenger when he/she has accepted or rejected the booking, reached at the pickup point, and dropped the passenger. Booking History: The driver has the access of tracking the booking history and check the status of each that includes cancelled bookings.

      What We Did?

    • Funtionality for Driver registration from Back-End, View Booking History
    • Alerts: Push notification for every moment you will be notified upon your cab’s arrival.
    • Payment Transection History, Google and Apple Map Integration, API Development, Graphics
    • Web Admin Panel to manage driver app and user app.


    • Android App built to bring ideas to life
    • Ideagist is free to use and offers an ideation platform with social networking elements that allows collaboration on ideas by bringing ideas to life while enjoying all the social network features.
    • Developed range of tools for innovators and entrepreneurs to collaborate with their friends and advance their ideas to reality both in terms of business planning and execution.

      What We Did?

    • Graphics Design, API Development, App for Android and iPhone
    • Providing platform for Idea Sharing and more
    • Complete Mobile Application integrated with Website

      Chai Pe Charcha

    • Chai Pe Charcha (Discussion Over Tea) is Hindi Phrase We created this app for people who want to get discussion over tea stall and this app will allow you to invite friends, family to meet at favorite Tea stall and do “Chai Pe Charcha” (Discussion with cup of tea). Its common in India to take tea at multiple times from morning to evening in fact Believe it or not, it’s an addiction for many people in India.

      What We Did?

    • Web Service Development, API Integration, Graphics Design, Animation within App SDJ
    • Directory Listing, Google Map Integration, Friends Invitation
    • Distance Calculation Between Current Location to Destination
    • Providing Complete Details for Destination with Address and Phone Numbers

      Astro Solutions

    • The “Astro Solutions” is Android based dynamic application. It is integrated with the web admin panel to update data in real-time for astrology usages. The Astro Solutions app is based on Indian astrology or the Jyotish concepts working on the Android platform. Besides these, it provides you yearly predictions according to your moon sign and different criteria.

      What We Did?

    • Check Yearly Predictions according moon sign, Developed algorithm
    • Server side programming, API integration
    • Graphics Design and More

      Nearby Hospitals

    • iOS App to search Nearby Hospitals
    • Developed a easy to use app with great UX Design to search near by hospital
    • Developed a GPS based navigation system to give users a direction of the hospital from their current location.

      What We Did?

    • Developed Near By Algorithm for Hospital Listing
    • Graphics Design, API Development, Web Admin Development
    • Google Map Integration, FourSquare API Integration


    • You must be customer for you to use this application. If you are not a customer you can register on our website: http://www.acofarma.com This application will allow you to place orders Acofarma chemicals quickly and safely from wherever you encuente.

      India IFSC Code

    • It is an iOS application for the Indian banking sector. The application provides IFSC code for all Indian banks and all branches across the nation. The user can search IFSC code for any bank using the bank name, city name, or area name.

      What We Did?

    • Function Development for providing location based IFSC code for all Indian Banks
    • Manipulating Third Party API and Integration with App
    • Graphics Design, Web Admin Panel Development, Providing Details for IFSC Code, MICR Code, Bank Full Address and More.


    • T-Realty app provides you listings for all your properties with Buy, Sell and Rent options, End user can search properly with different filter options, Real estate agents can list out properties with registered account and get mass audience for listed properties with more options The T-Realty app lets you:

      What We Did?

    • Complete Real Estate Business Application for Brocker, Agents, Seller, Buyer and more
    • Custom API Development, Graphics Design, Payment Gateway Integration, SMS Gateway Integration
    • Google Map Integration, Multilanguage


    • It is an Android application to track the field staff with real-time location data.It allows the tracking along with the live chat, data upload, photo upload and connects the users with the main office. It allows doing the user management, lead management, project management based on location, real-time inventory management based on location and many more features added to the field staff. App development is using the Android platform capabilities.

      What We Did?

    • Field staff tracking system real time leads sending alerts, project data uploading
    • Developed with complete real time data synchronization from Field staff to head office
    • Website, API, Database Design, Android and iPhone Application Developed
    • Complete Lead Management Solutions with Cross PLatform Applications

      Vladimir Forex Signals

    • App for Forex & Commodities trader
    • Developed an app for one of the best forex trading company for accurate market analysis and profitable trading signals.
    • Developed a great features like live signals, financial market forecasts, blog posts and discussions.

      Waht We Did?

    • PSD Design, Web Services Development, API Integration, Web Admin Panel Development, Payment Gateway Integration, Push Notification with FCM
    • Data Synchronization with Stock Desktop Application and Web Application
    • Chart view to visualize changes over time
    • At a glance view stock value and % change of each stock in your portfolio


    • It is a multi player game with online score updates features. It is declaring the winner based on the certain algorithms. The user can login with Facebook like social networking sites and share the game details online. In this application, we have used the third party API to manage certain data loading.

      What We Did?

    • Design, Game Level Design and Implementation, Multi-Player Data Synchronization.
    • Game Architecture for Multi-Player with Online and Offline, Game Data Manipulation.
    • In-App Purchase, and PayPal Payment Gateway Integration, 2D Animation.

      Multi-Player Game – 2

    • Multi-Player Game -2 is a coin machine game, which is a fun variant of the most favored arcade pusher game. It combines a slot machine, collect many of coins, and win different prizes based on the level clear within a single round of the game.

      How We Did?

    • Implemented complex game structure with different level and integrated server API for real time data synchronization /li>
    • Using third party game engine integrated with different server side algorithm
    • API Development using Java, Server side programming, Score Management with Social media API

      Linq Mee

    • It is a chat application with detailed features such as sending different types of files while end-to-end chatting and group chatting sessions, moreover, it offers user geolocation tracking data on the photo uploading, inform for nearby users, push notification capacity and more features implemented. The app synchronizes the data with the online server for other kinds of the apps including iOS and Web Apps.

      What We Did in this Social Chat Application?

    • Chat application architecture using Socket and Node, Server side programming using Node
    • Database Design, API Development using C# in Asp.NET, JSON parsing, GPS Functionality
    • Social media activities including like, share, invite and more.


    • Qutone is an Android application for B2B and B2C businesses. Through the application, users can get an idea of interior home tiles color, size, and decorations. It allows the users to place the final order for their selected products with the help of the real-time previews of the Living room and the Bathroom tiles design and more.

      What We Did>

    • Application for iPhone and Android with e-Commerce B2B Website Integration, Creating APIs for Magento Platform
    • Custom Filtering Options, B2B Dealers Notification
    • Custom Product Attributes, Affiliates, Discounts, Regional Data Sync

      Hidden Object Portal

    • Interactive game with coin collection for hidden object where user can find different hidden object and collect points and coins and based on level it will change in game and declare winner at last many other features in game.

      What We Did?

    • Game Design, Game Architecture, Score Level Counting, Coins Collections Methods
    • Data Upload on server using API, Score Sharing with Social Media Sites


    • It is a complete Android online shopping application with social networking features.The app provides users the best shopping experiences with private groups on social media and more.

      Waht We Did?

    • API Development, Database Design, App Design, Server Side Programming
    • Enterprise App Downloading Methods for private users

      Airlink Connect

    • it is an ISP provider application for Wi-Fi controlling, user settings, uploading data on the server, generating detailed reports and more features for ISP

      What We Did?

    • API, Database Design, App Design, Wifi Data Manipulation, Network Class API, Data Measurement

      Meet Rack

    • Social networking application developed on the Android platform. It is with dating app features and like other social networking website features.

      What We Did?

    • iPhone, Android Applications, API, Database Design
    • Match making for Dating app, Location based data manipulation
    • Custom programming on server side using Java


    • Alem Health is an application, which provides access to the high quality diagnostic health care facilities for the countries with the biggest health care shortages. Alem Health connects hospitals in the developing countries through a global network of diagnostic imaging centers.

      What We Did?

    • App Development for iOS and Android Platform
    • App Design, DB Design, Website Design and Development, Web Services using PHP as back-end server
    • Data Syncronization with Dirrent location based data center


    • Control panel for Marine Alarm system.Developed a features like GPS Fence, 12V monitoring, Collision Sensor, Jamming monitoring, Tracking, Wireless Alarm Sensors and remote control

      What We Did?

    • A complete GPS Tracking Solutions with live GPS tracking, GPS Fence, Live Data Monitoring, Sensor Data Manipulation, Alaram Settings and more features
    • Create Web Services, DB Design, Application Layout Design, Wire-Frames and More

      GuardIt Parent

    • Gurdit Parent is an Android application for Parental Control. Install the app on your child’s phone and yours too. Set your app as the parent thus, you can control your child’s phone through your app. The child phone application remains hidden, and child cannot uninstall it because the app has installed at the root level. It has many more features where you can configure your child’s phone though your device.

      What We Did?

    • Android based two application one is hidden in child phone and another for partents
    • Root level app programming so user can not uninstall from their device
    • Phone locking system where its not unlocked till other users respond

      New Kii

    • NewKii is an Android car dealer application.The app includes all features of CRM and ERP for a car dealer business. The app is integrated with well know ERP system.

      What We Did

    • CRM Integration with App, Custom API Development, App Design and Implementaion for Existing Data Transfer


    • Its an photo management application for iOS and Android, where user can upload photos, create album

      What We Did

    • Photo management application for private, public, photosharing
    • Tagging system can add multiple tags per photo for easy organization
    • App will automatically detect folders, photos and generates separate tags
    • Quick shortcut to camera app


    • It is the best application for your photo management with editing options and sharing options.It is with private and public third-party API integration like Foursquare, Facebook, and more.

      What We Did

    • Photo sharing application for Android and iPhone
    • Manage your filters, Send posts in feed to friends and groups
    • Photo editor with Straighten, adjust perspective, and rotate photos
    • Link and Login with social network accounts

      Tank Fighter

    • Multiplayer game for tank fighter

      What we did?

    • 2D Character Design, Game architecture, Game design

      Driving Ware

    • It is an application for driving school to manage all its resources. It is based on location and scheduling for driving learner and instructor. The application is synchronizing data with the online website as well.

      What We Did?

    • Android and iPhone application for Driving Instructors, Students
    • Learn to drive a manual with clutch and stick shift, Real time data syncronization with server
    • App Design, API Development, Database Design and more features


    • It is an application to manage all your social networking accounts. It is a single place to post data on different social networking sites

      What We Did?

    • Social media API integration, Create reports and analytics for social media posting
    • Get all of social media updates in one place with real time stats using graphs and more

      Signal Alert Code

    • It is an application developed for the telecom sector. It is prepared for a well-known telecom company. It helps to measure carrier signals in the forest and out-of-city area and many other places. It can generate reports accordingly and give real-time alerts to the users and carrier providers.

      What We Did?

    • App Design, App Logo Design, Splash Screen Design, API Development, Algorithm design and development

      Celebrity Scan Cam

    • It is a photo application for fun users. It can create stunning and hilarious photos of you, your friends, or pets based on any photo! It can generate auto match celebrities’ photos. At the least, it can re-generate photos with combined funny animal picture and much more.

      What We Did?

    • Complete app for iOS and Android Platform
    • Application Design, Photo Merging Tool, Caption Adding Tool, Server side API, Database, Server side programming