Price Comparison App Development

Price Comparison App Development

Addon Solution develops an app to find the lowest price between the number of items from different sources.

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It means to compare the price of many things in different outlets. People like to save money on their shopping. Comparison of buying products that you want to shop is a good habit that will help them to get the best deals online. With the price comparison shopping websites and engines, it is becoming more straightforward and exciting to get the best deals and offer online. Every person is becoming attentive through price comparison search engines.

A price comparison website or app will give a right to compare the prices of different products. This app will view the costs of different goods from various retailers to see where to buy the product quickly. Multiple of the apps will scan the barcode, and some will permit to write the product name. The comparison price website or app will view the list of a customer of retailers who are selling the products and the number of goods they have sold. It is essential to lower the price of the products so that it can attract customers.

Price Comparison for Booking, Deals & Coupons

Price comparison is an essential tool for online shoppers get your audience with right information.

Price comparison engine will allow the consumer to compare to find the great discounts, offers, coupons from the various merchants which is around the world. The idea behind the price comparison development is to ignore the traditional way of shopping. These comparisons engine will charge less to access the web compare engine. Comparison portals are dependent on the business model. Whenever a buyer registers with their e-mail address, retailers will cost some amount of a fee added on the site, or a user has to pay on every click to the retailer websites or app. Results sorted on the amount of the payments received to the merchants from the comparison websites or engines.

Advantages of Price Comparison Engines

  • The website comparison portal will encourage the customers to search for the options which are available to them.
  • A consumer can also chat online, view videos and take part in the sports event.
  • A consumer can select the products and can also add to the cart.
  • They also give great offers and discounts during the season of the festival.
  • These websites will also view the ads, banners, etc. with their related information by just clicking on their relevant links.
  • These sites give an opportunity to a business to grow. The retailers also offer their goods links on their websites.

Core Benefits of Price Comparison Engine

Price and Quality is a matter for customers, and true data convince customer to buy it.

It will be helpful to the consumer as it will get keep the update of upcoming products and services to the consumers.

Nowadays people want to avoid the way of traditional shopping and want to get the comfort of online shopping.

Price comparison script will get all the details and prices of the product on the website or app.

It will give the right to the buyers to compare the prices of different merchants and brands and will choose the best available deal.

Portal information will include information like reviews, blogs, etc. that is to be displayed on the website and helps the buyers to get the best decision for shopping.

Are you looking for Price Comparison App / Script?

It also preferred as comparison shopping or price engine which will allow the customers to view the different lists of price for the specific products. There is an unlimited number of categories and subcategories of the product from the infinite number of merchant data stored on the server. You can also import the data and the goods which are stored with CSV, XML or manually. It will also implement the SEO friendly pages and also the dynamic pages with the advanced SEO techniques.


All websites have different size and complexity in the project. There is no similar website, which will make the project advanced. The cost of developing a customized price comparison website with the following features


API Integration &database creation

Each supplier has the API integration characteristics which considered individually

Comparison page

This pages will gather all the matches to the search from the various suppliers

Description page

It contains reviews, price, detail, pictures and also some extra details of the products

Search and Filter

The system must find on the required match from the database and will display match data on the screen


The user submits ratings &Reviews

Sing in for consumers &merchants

They must have to register on the website and log in to the account with the help of the credentials

Buyers profile

It should have access to view the order request and purchase history, response and reviews from the suppliers and earn the rewards

Supplier profile

It will be capable of viewing the requests of customers, review of buyers, able to give a response to shoppers, transactions, etc

Price alert

The email will be sent to the consumer if the price of the products change in which the consumer is interested

History of price

It will keep the tracking of the price change on each product and will display the result in the graph

The price comparison website will take almost 4 to 6 months of development and will cost around $20,000 to $30,000 respectively. It is the price estimation given by the Addon solutions, and the final cost for construction is dependent on the features and requirements.

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We are acquiring a great price comparison app in the industry, Which is giving the success to our developed comparison websites in the market. Our project planning combined with the back-end administrative development which will help our clients to compete in the market and also they can get the revenue from the above expectations. We will also offer you advice and consultancy so that you can give the better and advanced services to the targeted audience. We have also provided an international project with multiple currencies and language. We also offer offshore or remote developers for their development.

Best Price Comparison Websites

1. Google Shopping

2. BizRate

3. Pronto


5. Now Discount

6. PriceRunner

7. ShopMania

8. Pricena

9. PricePirates

10. Yahoo Shopping

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Working with Addon is having a great pleasure for me. They always give a surprise with their other ordinary development methodologies. They have the experts on their web and software solutions at a very reasonable rate. At Addon, the developers have come with their advanced knowledge of their preferred language, while their programmers have a skill in the art of creating their business-specific needs and the responsive design. It gave the great team of the programmers and designers which provide some new idea to my project above my expectations. I would recommend that you hire the price comparison developers from this firm.