At Addon Solutions, the software product development process revolves around the concept, the look and feel of the product, the technical architecture, and the engineering required to make the product work. The product appeal is set to the identified market and after weeks of testing, modifications and refining, the product is laid out for production. The software product design and development effort for each concept is huge because good and efficient products are not simply designed, but are evolved in the right manner because of diligent research, analysis, engineering, prototyping, testing, modifying, and the like.

Product of our Foresight and Vision

Each product requires a collective and collaborative approach in development in various spheres including marketing, user experience design, engineering,algorithms development, logic implementation , graphic art, and project management.

We see to it that each of the phases, are completed in due time and impeccable efficiency. The software product design and development effort that we put in are planned to transform the initial concept into a fully-refined product. By categorizing the products into market-pull products or technology-push products, we help clients determine the marketing approach.

Here is how we transition through different phases of software product design and development:

  • Communicate : Quick and timely communication between BA, Project manager, designers, developers and client
  • Collaborate : collaboration of ideas from different teams with different strengths
  • Iterate : quick and short sprint cycles to convert the project into manageable chunks
  • Pivot : Breakdown of the final goals into small business goals

With the consistent break down of bigger problems into smaller units, we implement features that can be re-prioritized depending on business need.

As a designer, these translate to some different habits. By breaking down a large problem into executable elements you constrain yourself to finishing work within a sprint cycle. And the ability to iterate on a problem removes the fear of getting it “right” – you’ll be able to take another pass at it later. The rituals of stand-ups and sprint reviews take the design process out of a “black box” and make it transparent. The client and the development team invest in the product design and development process and the final product.

Based on comprehensive product planning and technical feasibility under our effective product roadmap chalked out by our domain experts, we enable agile methodology with good user experience design, architecture design, prototype, development approach, testing approach, implementation approach, and the scalability and support required after the product is open to the world. Get a detailed overview of each of our functions as part of our software product design and development services to realize what you need, effectively and cost-effectively.

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