Small and Medium Enterprises

Small Medium Businesses

At Addon Solutions, we believe that when we can leverage IT to magnify a client’s business presence, one can drive huge revenue from a very small footprint. This augurs well to every small and medium enterprise that we encounter, since they envision big plans and on the course to become big.

Addon solutions partners with you to become big and achieve something bigger than oneself. We have developed a systematic suite of services that help enhance SME companies at every step of their way towards business success. After days of researching average SME needs, we have devised a new set of services that can meet their requirements, helping them in their journey smoothly and securely.

SME Businesses already have sound sense on what they will need today as well as tomorrow. And once the requirements are set, we always help you get the easy way out to meet them.

Now you can spend more time actively driving your company to new heights – with our personalized IT solutions for small and midsize enterprises. Our immensely scalable solutions can work with your existing infrastructure thus driving optimum performance and enhanced performance. We provide cost-efficient business management software, ERP solutions for domains and industries, and advanced business analytics. We help you to run simple and let us take the hard way.

Our SME-specific offerings include:

  • Quick response time to customer interactions
  • Reduced costs in implementing solutions for in-house operations
  • Better cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with automated recommendations
  • Boost in employee productivity with automated setup and solutions
  • Expand across the globe using our business collaboration and communication solutions
  • Automatic assignment & reporting with easy task creation tools
  • Better accessibility with tight security
  • Easy scalability and quick response to competition in business landscape
  • Expert virtual resources, dedicated to your operations

In short, we deliver SMEs with simple, reliable and affordable solutions that help them explore their horizons better and reduce the present effort and costs incurred.

Success Stories

"Frankly speaking, Addon Solutions has a kick ass design & development team! They carefully listened and included my suggestions. If you have things done in a professional manner, and that too in a short time span then there is no one better then Addon Solutions" — Ms. Ann Martin

"The work of the team from Addon Solutions is very professional and decent. Great attitude, professionalism and healthy interaction, that was what I have been looking for, and they did it all the time. I recommend it to anyone looking for unique and affordable IT solutions." — Kiara Scott

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