SecurePay and 2Checkout Payment Gateway

2Checkout & SecurePay Payment Gateway

Addon Solutions offers 2Checkout & SecurePay Payment Gateway Integration Solutions for different platforms like PHP, .NET, and Java for online payment collection e-Commerce website and mobile apps.

About 2Checkout Payment Gateway

2Checkout is one kind of payment gateway service provider, which allows merchants to accept payments through credit card and other electronic checks over their websites and over an Internet Protocol. It is one of the leading payment gateway service providers all around world. Same way SecurePay is another payment gateway where merchants can integrate

How SecurePay & 2Checkout Works?

There are few basic steps involved in the process of the transaction using above mentioned payment gateways, and those steps are as below.

  • First, customer or consumer submits credit cards details to the merchant’s website
  • Now, merchant’s website submit the credit cards transaction details to the gateway via highly secure connection
  • This information is now passing to the merchant’s bank processer
  • The bank, in turn forward the transaction details to the credit card interchange or network
  • Credit card network now forward the transaction to consumer’s bank, which has issued that credit card to consumer
  • After this, consumer’s bank is processing the transaction based on available balance and other details send to the credit card network
  • Credit card network now forward the transaction process details to merchants bank’s processor
  • Now, merchant’s bank passes the details to gateway where the results has been stored and the same is now forwarded to the website
  • In the entire process, the credit card network primarily keeps the funds with them and release it later on, which has been credited to merchants account within two days.
  • Thus, such payment gateways are offering security and safety of all transactions to both parties involved, end-users of the website and website owner or ecommerce merchant.
  • Addon Solutions has been known as one of the leading payment gateway integration agencies in the outsourcing community of India. We have been known for our expertise in providing SecurePay & 2Checkout Gateway integration and related services based on our client’s requirements.
  • We provide payment gateway integration services for years, so we have highly experienced team with required talents and skills. Our team of marketing and development is working hard to deliver you the best payments gateway related services.

Payments Gateway Services

We offers Payment Gateway integration with

  • WordPress e-Commerce Store
  • Online Magento Website
  • Joomla Store and Website
  • Custom PHP Modules
  • Enterprise Java Based Website Integration
  • Ruby On Rails(ROR) e-Commerce
  • ASP.NET Web Technologies

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