Taxi Fare Comparison App Development

Taxi Fare Comparison App Development

Develop a platform to compare the prices of all the cab services providers in real time. We provide lyft vs. uber vs. other taxi app price comparison solution.

App to Compare Fare Between Taxi Booking Service Provider

Smartphones have revolutionized the way of our living. Everything is within our reach in a few minutes. The way we travel has also become easy we can get taxi online anywhere at any time. Various online taxi booking apps are existing in the market at present that is earning in billions. All of the apps are almost similar and provide the same services; hence it makes the customer confused which ones to use. This problem can be sort with the help of an app that will compare different taxi apps and the services provided by them. This app will allow users to choose the most affordable and best taxi services.

Services provided by Addon Solutions

Taxi comparison

With the help of this service, users can compare the rates of different taxi services. Because our API will retrieve the prices from various databases of taxi services and show it to the customers.

Cost Calculator

Users can calculate the total amount that they have to pay from the pickup point to their destination.

Select car types

While booking user can also select the kind of car he wants.


With the help of our app users cannot only compare different prices for different services they can also book taxi or cabs for them. The user can make an advanced booking for a taxi with the help of our app.

Reviews and ratings

Users can give reviews and ratings to the services provided to them by different taxi services.h3

Best Features Cab Comparison Application

Single app

Users will need to download only a single app as they can get different taxi prices and services on a single app. They don’t need to hustle between different apps to compare the best services as our app will automatically do it for you.


We will provide you Geolocation with the help of which user can get the nearest taxi available to them.

Add various Aggregators

We can integrate multiple taxi service providers to our app that will help you expand your business.


If the taxi driver is late, then they can send notifications to the customers.

Single account access

The user doesn’t need to register for different aggregators once he has registered into our app; they can access them with the help of our app.

Benefits for Taxi Fare Comparison App

Saves money

The user can compare different prices of taxis and choose the cheapest of them.

Choose the best services

All of the time customers may not choose the cheapest they may want better services to save time so that they can reach in time at their location.

Choose any model of the car

If the user wants to go with the whole family, then they can choose a bigger model of the vehicle.


As we are working with all the registered taxi services, hence we may give all the details of the driver and the taxi company that you have booked.

How much does it cost to make a Taxi fare comparison app?

The process of developing a Taxi fare comparison app is a difficult one because for that we may have to make a robust database and a robust API that will fetch the rate of a various taxi from a different database. So people prefer to pay for that on an hourly basis. Hourly rate to build an app differs from place to place. Estimate to develop an on-demand app in India is $30 to $40. It will also include UI/UX, testing, and back-end, etc. To build a similar app in North American countries will nearly lie between $40 – $250/hour.

Taxi Booking Business Trend

4,00,000 rental cars

They will get 11,000 Cr annual revenue

20% annual growth industry

Business Model- Asset-Owner/Operator- Aggregators

For Whom

People who own a single car can also use that to provide services and earn money from it.

People starting a chain of business will require to invest a massive amount in the industry. Also, the maintenance services are the responsibility of operator/owner


Aggregators take commission from car owner on every visit.

Getting initial customers is difficult because of high competition.

Revenue sources for Companies

Subscription fees

We can charge subscription fees from the users of our app. We may charge them weekly, monthly or yearly.

Advertisement revenue

We can allow different companies to give advertisements on our app so that they can increase there availability on our app. We can charge these companies depending on the space and time of there advertisement on our app.

Cab booking charges

We can charge customers when ever they book a car using our app. The charging cost may differ from one country to another