Telegram / WeChat Clone App Development

Telegram / WeChat Clone App Development

Develop or Buy WeChat clone script and Telegram Clone in your own brand at an affordable price. Our chat app developers will help you to integrate APIs from different messaging apps.

Telegram Plugins, Code & Scripts Development

If you are thinking of building a clone app of Telegram or Wechat, you must keep in mind that from all the clone app that creates all of them don’t become successful some of them even get rejected from Google Store or Apple Store. But don’t worry we at Addon Solution will build a multi-platform app for you as we have experienced a team of developers working with us. We are a mobile and web developing company situated in Ahmadabad. We will make the app precisely according to the wishes or ideas of the client. To make a successful clone app, you must keep in mind that the app we are building must not be the exact copy of the app and must have some specific features. Yes, it’s true that we are making the clone of Telegram or Wechat, but there are various other apps that we can take into consideration such as Viber, Skype, Kik, etc.

Telegram / WeChat for Web

Initially, Telegram and WeChat built as a mobile app, but now it is also available for Pcs. It is present for both Microsoft Windows and macOS operating systems. Whatsapp on PC will work the same as it works on a mobile device.

Features of an app similar to Telegram / WeChat

  • Notifications: Whenever a message comes to the user, he informed whether it’s a text message, video or image, etc. Hence the user will have to pay attention.
  • Notification settings: Notifications are not compulsory it is optional user can choose to close the notifications.
  • Sharing Documents: The user will also be able to share any type documents whether it’s docs, pdf, PPT or PNG, etc.
  • Manage Profile: The profile will be managed efficiently in the Whatsapp clone app by the user. The user will be able to put his profile photo and status and change it any time.
  • Bookmark: If there is a crucial message you can give a star to it, then it will be bookmarked. Whenever a user opens an app the star sign will be present on top of the app user will have to choose the star sing there all the messages that bookmarked will appear.
  • Search: Suppose there are various contacts on the app and you want to reach at specific contact at once. Then you can write the name or the number of that person, and it will appear at once.
  • Blocking the Contacts: The user will be able to prevent any contacts if he feels irritated by any chats. The user will also be able to unblock it at the same time.
  • Invite friends: The user will be able to invite friends that are not on the app the link of the app sent to your friend.
  • Groups: People can chat in a group with the help of our apps. The user can create the group easily all he has to do is a select group and the people he wants to select.
  • Like or unlike the message: The user can give like or unlike the friends SMS.
  • Integration: Our app integrated with many social media apps user will be able to log in.

Advanced Features of the app similar to Telegram or WeChat clone app

Share music videos

The user can also share music videos with the help of our app.

Shared recorded audios

People will be able to send recorded sounds to each other.

Audio and video call

The user will also be able to do audio and calls with the help of our app.

Share image and Videos

With the help of our app user can take a photo or make a video and then share it with other users.


The user can be forward any message there is no need for the user to copy paste any message.


Our app will provide backup to user’s information on Google Drive, and hence user won’t worry about losing any of the data.


As we say, a picture can mean a thousand words. Emotions allow users to understand each other’s feeling. If a person is feeling sad, happy or angry, he can send Emotions instead of writing a large text.

Benefits of your own chat App

Unlimited number of photos and videos

The user will be able to send an infinite number of pictures and videos.

Multi-platform App

Telegram is a multi-platform app that is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Desktop, OS X, Linux OS, and a web version.

Photo Editor

With the help of photo editor user can quickly change and brightness the size of his photo. The user can also make his picture black and white.


The user can also send stickers to each other. The kind of labels that are present are emotions, birthday cakes, houses, etc. All are free to use, and you can make your stickers if you want.

FAQ’s(Frequently Asked Questions)

The style of the app is customized or not?

Yes we at Addon Solutions will provide you customization for every detail of the app

Shall I be able to submit the app in the store?

Yes, you will be able to submit the app in the store, and it will not reject because of any terms and conditions of the app we at Addon Solutions will take care of it.

What is the support provided for marketing the app?

We will provide full sport to the organization in marketing from the app right from installing the app to designing various kinds of outreach campaigns.

How efficient will be UX and UI?

All of the app developers know just making a good app is not the end of the app you must have good UX and UI to become successful.

Can social media be integrated with the app?

Yes, we will integrate the app with different social media platforms.