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Addon Solutions does not attend only to niche IT solutions or professional agencies to boost its client portfolio but also meets the demands of other IT companies who need additional technical support from us. We also help them improve the ROI measure of their existing efforts while adding a bonus team that meets the shortfalls of running projects.

By making the best possible use of our team expertise and helping other software vendors meet the demands of their challenging clients, we expand our horizons in the IT stratosphere in technologies that are hot and demanding in all respects.

With informed technical strategies to meet the requirements of the IT world, we design and develop IT solutions that are aligned to the end client’s routine business operations, serving as efficient catalysts in improving efficiency and performance. Our domain-specific professionals are always on the fringes to attend to their data needs, quick analytics integration, consistent communication setup and collaboration within diverse channels. We are creative in delivering what is required in real-time every time!

Understanding your needs to deliver better

We first gain the understanding of your clients, the effort put in at present, the gap in requirements and the technical prowess required to complete the project efficiently. By venturing out to deliver custom IT solutions we help IT companies to keep their reputation intact, while keeping the business flowing seamlessly. Also, we do not deter from meeting any standard performance metrics whatsoever!

Our full-service approach to IT strategy throughout the software development lifecycle process for niche technologies, platforms and systems include Analytics & Insights, application development, testing, and mobile app integration services. We collaborate with you to deliver better performance in IT operations for your end client irrespective of the nature of business operations but aligned to the important business objectives.

Why Addon Solutions?

  • We offer multiple possibilities and solutions as a holistic partner
  • Reach your clients with multiple needs on any platform and with prompt and immediate support
  • Continued maintenance and sustenance of systems as required for a long collaboration
  • Quick communication, swift turnaround time with consistent reporting
  • Unrelenting dedication towards innovation for simplifying IT-based business operations
  • Expert and experienced professionals, adept in different technologies, available at minimal notice

We believe in the power of our own resources and also believe in shared resource planning that impact our business bottomline in the long run. We assimilate talented people with diverse points of view together to build a company that caters to all scenarios. Our belief for a shared IT world drives our vision for innovation. By ensuring greater operational superiority and strategic differentiation, we make your solutions work better for your end clients using key technology paradigms including cloud computing, legacy systems modernization and improved agility in methodology thus helping your business and your client’s business to the pinnacle.

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