Android Tablet Application Development

Android Tablet App Development

Unique Tablet Experiences with Addon Solutions, you will experience the differences between the smartphone apps and tablet apps through unique Android tablet-specific user experience designing & programming.

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  • Addon Solutions have highly qualified and experienced team of Android developers to realize Android tablet app ideas into the functional and successful Android tablet apps. We offer end-to-end Android tablet application development services for small to large-scale Android tablet development projects.
  • Therefore, our Android app portfolio is boasting with highly successful apps for eminent brands and organizations across the globe. We have served the several industries by custom Android tablet app development through meeting their niche specific unique needs.
  • For this very reason, we have gained a wide support of our patrons residing in the US, Canada, Australia, and in the several EU nations including the UK by offering exclusive Android tablet app development.

Why Tab App Development?

Why Should You Go for Android Tablet App Development

Smartphones are tiny and cloying handheld devices, but with different sets of use cases and levels of mobility compared to tablets like handheld devices. For instance,

Therefore, tablets are highly useful in certain domains or industries while useless or less useful for the rests. Moreover, Android platform is an open source OS platform, so tablets manufacturers have freedom to use Android OS freely. Hence, they are ending up with high competitions.

  • Tablets have larger screens
  • Tablets have more CPU and battery power
  • Tablets fall in between the laptops and smartphones, so they have somewhat limited mobility use cases compared to smartphones, but more convenient than laptops

Therefore, Android tablets users are vast and varied in numbers and offering a huge audience for the Android tablet apps with bright prospects. However, everyone hardly exploits the full potential of the huge audience of Android tablets due to its fragmentation issues for hardware as well as software.

Our Services

Scope of Android Tablet Application Development at Addon Solutions

Thanks to unique features of tablets mentioned above, some specific industry niches are seeing high potential in Android tablet apps and their custom development. For instance,


The gaming industry is a fan of Android tablets for real game experiences on a large and powerful tablet screens.

Hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants are optimistic for food ordering, management, and other needs specific applications by custom Android tablet development

Healthcare & Fitness

Healthcare & Fitness industries are looking a wide scope for sumptuous and comprehensive data presentation for medical and fitness parameters to draw accurate decisions based on it.


Education niche is the best contender to stay on the top of the list due to education-specific features of the Android tablets and flair of Android tablet app developers of the Addon Solutions.


Entertainment niche is really benefited due to multimedia supports of Android tablets and big screen with powerful CPU to the best UX

Retail business

Retail businesses are new claimers to share Android tablet app market. Due to high proliferation of Beacon and other GPS technologies.

Domain Expertise of Android Tablet App Development

Domain Expertise of Android Tablet App Developers at Addon Solutions

Apart from these, Addon Solutions offers other domain specific Android tablet app designing and programming services including:

  • Ecommerce Android Tablet App Development
  • Lifestyle Android Tablet Development
  • Finance and Banking Android Tablet App Programming
  • Utility Android Tablet App Designing
  • News & Media Android Tablet Programming
  • Fashion Android Tablet Apps
  • Enterprise Android Tablet Apps
  • Business Process and Manufacturing Automation Android Tablet Apps
  • Location Based or GPS Android Tablet Apps
  • Travel & Tourism Android Tablet Apps
  • Weather Android Tablet App Development

Hire Tablet App Developers

Skill Sets of Hire Android Tablet Developers at Addon Solutions

With the pace of time and advent of technologies, we have acquired excellent Android tablet app designing and programming skills along with the investment in required development infrastructure. Moreover, we have gained expertise in following technologies and tools.

Native app creation services for Android tablets using Android SDK & NDK as well as Android Studio

  • Google API integration services
  • Android tablet specific Location based services
  • Push notification features integration services
  • Customization of media, camera, and media player services
  • Expertise on Sensors like shake to buzz, motion sensors, medical fitness parameter measuring, etc.
  • Leveraging the Hardware capabilities like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks, USB, etc.
  • Integration of APIs for in-app billing for monetization through Android apps services
  • Social media APIs integration services
  • AdMob API integration services
  • Third party SDKs integration services
  • Cloud back-ends integration services for Amazon Cloud, and other Cloud service providers
  • GIS enabled databases integration services for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Silverlight, etc.

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