Client : GPS based Automated lead generation process and on field sales force tracking tool.

Requirement : -An efficient lead management system along with a generation process

A field sales application to track the performance of mobile workers


  • Transparency and tracking of mobile sales professionals
  • Offline functionality for mobile workers in case of no web access
  • Timely synchronization of data to reflect in inventory records
  • Secured accessibility restricted to company employees to preserve integrity of data
  • Enablement of video compression standards for fast streaming of video and presence of mobile workers
  • Strong battery life of devices for accessing data for continued communication
  • Efficient storage of leads in the database for quick relook
  • Solution

  • Addon Solutions implemented a SaaS-based lead generation process and a system which included an inbuilt GPS for location tracking of mobile sales professionals. The team behind the system also included an offline functionality for consistent records of inventory and information about sales professionals and their performance.
  • The salesforce tracking tool also included quick synchronization of sales and inventory data and presented data in an encrypted format (MD5) for preserving the integrity of the data involved. The salesforce tool also included video compression attributes and in-video device orientation within the tool for establishing quick connection with employees and vendors involved.

Benefits and Takeaways

  • High level of transparency on the performance of mobile sales professionals
  • Strong connectivity and integration of inventory and sales data
  • Timely synchronization of data and secured accessibility with the implementation of encrypted data relay
  • Enablement of video compression for quick evidence storage and delivery

Tools and Technologies

  • Salesforce
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