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Dubsmash Clone App Development

How Much Does it Cost? Let’s discuss and will provide estimation for creating a clone of Dubsmash, Videoshop, Flipagram, JibJab, Talking Tom, and Bitstrips

Dubsmash Clone in Affordable Price

With so many apps coming into the picture to be successful you must have an imaginative mind to stand out from others. You need to provide new features to the users. Dubsmash is another social networking app that has become famous. Dubsmash has become a trendsetter and attracted a vast amount of individuals and organizations to build a Dubsmash clone. Now it’s not that difficult to build an app. We at Addon Solutions will help you to make an app at every step of the way we will tell you the features that you must include in your app technologies, and the business model and we will deploy the app for you and provide you maintenance and support for it. As we have experienced team of coder and testers that are reliable and they know what the customer want.

How Dubsmash App Works?

Dubsmash app is a video selfie app that has been used by more than 100 million people in 78 countries. Users are sharing 35 videos every second with the help of this app. Dubsmash app is not an overnight success story as most of the people believe. Dubsmash was founded in 2012 by three friends, Roland Grenke, Daniel Taschik and Jonas Drüppel. The trio met at a hackathon in Berlin in 2012. They experimented their ideas for years, building a prototype for their plans several times and then making changes to it. The message that they conveyed is this -don’t be afraid to adapt, but do it quickly, and keep on trying out the prototypes. Dubsmash became number one app on apple store within the first week of its launch in November 2014. Dubsmash is a lip-syncing app which will allow the user to dubb the movies and recreate the scenes. It is a video-messaging app for smart devices. The user can create a matching clip of their own by performing a song or film scene with audio from the original. The user can also upload their sound or videos which can be downloaded by others — the views which are already uploaded it can by the TV Experts or from the favorite movies — the created clip shared through Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook or in a multimedia message.

Raise your Venture start-up to the next level

Millions of users downloaded an application such as VivaVideo, Vigo Video, Snapchat, TikTok (, FilmoraGo, PowerDirector, and Dubsmash. Start your start-up with video chat application and get it scaled on top of the market

Dubsmash Clone App

If you are thinking to integrate application like Dubsmash, it means you are finding of the Clone application. It is a straightforward method to earn money from the clone script of Dubsmash. The Graphics and purpose will be different, but the logic will remain the same. Some extra features are also added to make it unique. Let see an example; If you have an application for messaging, then you can transform your app for the fitness and can add functionality and graphics related to that. It also is possible by the Dubsmash clone script app. As we are observing there is a massive market in Dubsmash clone app, and we are getting more requirements for the clone application. There is a various app similar to Dubsmash Videoshop-Video editor, Jib-jab, Viddy, Flippgram, etc.

Best Features of an App like Dubsmash

  • Registration: Email id, facebook, Google+ will do registration into our app, or you write the name of our app it will appear on Google.
  • Login: It is a straightforward process it just takes a few seconds. In our app house owners, house renters, both will be able to Login in our app via social media Gmail, yahoo. In case if the house renter forgets his password while logging in a verification code will be sent to his phone, and from there he can change his password.
  • Creating and editing User profile: For creating and writing a pattern, the user asked all of his details that he wants to add and if something extra he wants put he must be able to it If he wants to edit any feature, it should be provided to him quickly. Users will be able to view their profiles & easily create a new picture-based or video dubbed post by clicking the ‘+’ button.
  • View other Users Profiles: The user will be able to view the profiles of various users. Like & follow users as well as see their following/follower profiles and their channels.
  • Audio or song selection: The user can choose his favorite tracks or upload his own, for his custom video dubbed post
  • Video Selfie & Dubbing: The user will be able to record custom music-dubbed video selfie posts. With the help of our clone app, the user will be able to become mini Internet stars.
  • Take and Share Pictures With Stickers and Filters: The user will be able to share his dubbed video or media under specific categories, on his profile with another user or other social channels.
  • Create Your own private Channel: The user will be able to develop his unique channel with the help of the individual settings. The user can select his channel either to be viewed publicly or only among friends or family members.
  • Push Notifications: The user will get all the notifications based on whom user’s followers are and who he is following. The user will be able to get notifications for current affairs according to his wishes. He will also get notifications if his friend changes his profile photo or post anything.
  • Group Chatting: The user can connect with some people with whom he wants to be in regularly in a chat with instead of sending them messages one by one he can send them all at once by creating a group. Any message user will post in the group will be received by everyone in that group at the same time.
  • Multiple languages: With the help of this, your app will be able to reach a wider audience.
  • Multiple Media Attachment Chat Options: Various multimedia sharing options will be integrated in-app chat module of a clone of Dubsmash.
  • Send Post: The user will be able to send post, messages, reports to other users with the help of this user will be able to be in contact with his friends and family.
  • Settings: The user can change his settings, e.g., adjust the brightness of the app, change sound settings, invite other friends, view app details.
  • Ratings and Reviews: The user will be able to give reviews and ratings to the app so that the app owner can read them and then improve on those factors.

Why choose Addon Solutions?

Dubsmash Clone App Source Code

We will provide the source code of the app to our customers


Addon will provide turnkey solutions for the quick deployment of the products. So that you are not behind in your business in any way.


All the platforms provide updates in their software especially mobile software like Apple and Android. So to remain competitive, your app should also need upgrades. We will give it to you every six months.

Agile model

While making the app, we are not going to give you app just in six months directly we are going to be doing a continuous evaluation with our client so that the final product is exactly like the product he sometimes wants the client is not able to tell the product that he likes in the first go

Multiple Platform App with Android and iOS

We will be providing you with multiple platform services, so our clone app easily used for Android and iOS.

Strong Data-Base

We will provide you with a reliable and open source database.


We will also provide you support of the app we will be providing you.

Server setup and backup

We will also provide your server setup and backup at a reasonable cost.


We have fully customized our app according to the needs of our customers.

Best Admin Side Features


A descriptive dashboard integrated into our social video selfie script, It shows app-level analytics on the customized app.

Detailed User Management

Admin will be able to add, delete and view details of various users that have registered on your customized multi-platform app.


Admin will be able to manage and add various types on the app to generate a unique content theme-based video selfie & dubbing sharing application.


Admin will be able to manage various in-app channels created by users. Admin will also be able to control custom video selfie app.


Admin will be able to manage and view all the post made by the users and also view the analytics of each post.


The user will be able to add a detailed description of the app, version, company, etc.

How we make application

1. Clients Requirement

Addon will see what kind of public the client wants to target and what is his requirements to create that app.

2. Prototype

Then we will show the client the prototype of his project.

3. UI/UX

We will try to provide the user best and comfortable to use the experience of our application or website so that it attracts more and more people.

4. Development

Now we will develop the app for the customers in this we will use agile model so that we remain in direct touch with the customers.

5. Testing

After the app developed it will be checked for bugs and error before deployment.

6. Deployment

After testing that there is no bugs and error in the app we will be able to deploy it immediately.

How to calculate how much it cost to make a clone of Dubsmash

The cost to make any app depend on number factors, for example, where are you building the app, In India, it will take less money to create an app as compared to European countries, and it may also depend from company to company.

To calculate how much an app cost to built is decided by

No. of hours it took to build

cost of one hour to make

Business Model

Dubsmash app is a video selfie app there are various ways to earn money from such an app. First, by advertisements, people can advertise a vast amount of items, and there must be no restrictions. Then take commission from the companies that are selling there products online with the help of your app. Then you can also make money from the company who wants to put their services on to your app. And even if company wants to set videos as a source of promotion of there business you can even charger them. You can also have a premium model for the clients want to download your app you can give some extra features for the premium model.