Yik Yak Clone App Development

YikYak Clone Anonymous Posting Mobile App

Addon Solutions believe in the uniqueness, and our expert’s mobile developers will help you to create a Yik Yak clone application with anonymous social messaging features

Best Features Included

Yik Yak is an app which will allow the user to post messages without a user name. It will represent the post of users. A user can reply to messages secretly and can vote and replies excellent or bad. This app will combine the feature of instant messaging and GPS technologies to view the posting from that specific geographical area. Geofencing can also use the blocks of Yik Yak.


It Permits to share your ideas and thoughts without using your original personality.


A user can get a response to yak through comments. Comments are secret, but users have given random icons.


A Yik Yak user posted the Yaks more and had earned the Yakarma points. It will add a little concept of the game. Your score is visible on the top left-hand corner of the app.


A user can upvote their favorite yaks if they like and if they don’t like they can give downvote as well. It will receive the most upvotes which will make the “hot” stream. If an any of the yaks receives an -5 downvote, it is removed from the live stream automatically.


You can “peek” to know what people are telling in various locations. It will also view how people are reacting to an event, such as a sport or concert event. You can also read what the people have said from different locations. It is also possible to write, report or read a Yak in your place.

Working Of Yik Yak

Yik Yak app is a social networking app, which will give the right to share ideas with the nearby people. If anyone found the post is interesting, it becomes upvoted, and it can be at the leading positions of your app. It has become famous in the schools & colleges campus. A user can search in their local community. A user can do activities like sharing news, jokes, support offered, interaction with each other and many more things. Downloading for Android & iOS devices both is free.

Need Clone Application Of Yik Yak

Deploying a project is not as simple as it looks. You required the professional programmers to achieve your goal of the app or website. Addon solution is a team of developers who are trained thoroughly to add the uniqueness that you required to have in your next app like Yik Yak. Definitely, with the cooperation of you and our team, we will have a ready-made business model, but we have to create it more compatible with the latest demand of the users and also to give the growth of the project in the future. We will provide you with a different approach and innovative ideas for building an app better than similar apps. We have the team of experts that have a skill of cloning the projects, but it doesn’t mean that we can not handle the project with originality. We will give you the original app with the best solution with the same features as a Yik Yak. We are ready to build an app like Yik Yak clone app, by adding a new feature which we have not integrated into your previous applications. We believe in the quality of the product to deliver the best to the client. In short, we can say that you will get the solutions at an affordable price.

What Is Special About Yik Yak?

Tyler Droll and Brooks have found this Yik Yak app for Android & iOS and has got very high popularity among the students of US. After that, many apps have come into existence, which hides the original identity of the user. In almost all of the apps you have to make an account with credentials, but this discloses of the profiles has also attracted the students, and it is the leading cause for the vast achievement of the app like Yik Yak or Whisper. Yik Yak app for Android is the latest apps which are running in the market. In this people wish to communicate and get familiar with the new people without worrying about their identities. It becomes more interesting when they want to get connected with people who are nearby, and they do not have the information about each other.

Cost Of Developing App

When we are talking about social media app development, the first thing comes in mind that is cost, the estimated value cannot give for developing the application. The Price of developing may vary on the company you hire, productivity and complexity depending on the project that you want to design. With the experience, we can tell you it takes 4-5 weeks to develop social media clone. For example, the hourly rates in the USA are $100, in Ukraine, it costs $35/hour. So, you can develop an app using the Remote or Offshore developer. If, you want to hire a dedicated developer for a Yik Yak Clone then feel free to contact Addon Solutions. We will help you to develop a clone and also provide at a cost-effective price.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should we invest in Addon Solutions?

Addon Solutions believes in honest business practices. We have experienced in handling various projects. We have a team of developer which ensured to give the best quality solutions to the clients. Focusing on these concepts, you can trust Addon.

What time did you require for developing an app like Yik Yak clone?

It is dependent on the unique features which the client want in their app.

Is their any medium or tool for regular updates of the project?

Yes. There is a project management tool, and medium likes Skype, Gmail, Calling is the way to be updated on your project.

What are the methods for Payment acceptance?

We accept the Payment via PayPal, Paytm or Net Banking.

What process do you use in mobile app development?

The app development process we use is: 1. Analyzing requirements 2. Designing and Wireframing 3. Development 4. Testing 5. Deployment 6. Support & Maintenance

Will your team guide in the app submission process?

Yes. We have the app development company which will take care of uploading your application on the app store as a development process. Already, we have uploaded more than 100+ apps successfully without any additional charges.

Our Client Words

Addon Solutions is an excellent Industry to work with for application. I am satisfied with their Knowledge, advice, level of service, professionalism, and on-time delivery. I will recommend that you work with Addon. I am ready and glad to work with again. – Thomas Salkar